Different Types of Face Lifts and the Beauty Benefits of Each One

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As a person ages, their skin loses some of its elasticity, becoming saggier. Typically, this contributes to the normal aging process, but many feel uncomfortable. However, anyone can request cosmetic enhancement surgeries and enjoy a rejuvenated appearance. Here are several options, their benefits, and what to expect from them.

Mini Facelift

Sometimes, patients prefer using less invasive techniques, minimizing scarring. In that case, somebody may employ a mini facelift and target the hairline. Surgeons implement small, inconspicuous incisions to begin the procedure and minimize scar tissue. Then, they pull on the underlying fascia and tissue to tighten the face.

Consequently, this noninvasive technique can be utilized when jowls are a problem. People frequently suffer from decreased collagen production, affecting their skin’s tautness. By using this miniature procedure, unattractive jowls can be reduced or eliminated.

Cheek Lifts

Occasionally, a patient will develop saggy cheeks as a consequence of aging. These sags can wrinkle the forehead, neck, and brow lines. Thus, many patients wish they could target the cheeks in particular. Luckily, this procedure lifts and restores natural exuberance by enhancing cheek appearance. Once the surgeon has finished it, you will look uplifted, youthful, and vibrant. Since they implement target cheek muscles, they avoid other parts of the face.

Deep Plane or SMAS Facelift

Underneath the face, numerous tissue complexes exist, comprising separate anatomical structures. A deep plane facelift targets the SMAS-platysma complex, which is made of muscle and fascia. These deeply rooted muscular structures are responsible for facial expressions. Therefore, focusing on releasing them can enhance a face’s aesthetics.

Today’s procedures are designed to unlock ligaments tethered to the deep plane layer. Once these are loosened, the four ligaments correspond to natural lifting. Loosening the zygomatic ligaments elevates droop cheeks, restoring shape and volume. Similarly, these improvements invigorate the nasolabial folds while avoiding implants.

Further, shadowing under the eyelids can be targeted and healed. Since gravity tends to cause sagging, this is a common area to request. In many cases, people can restore cheek volume equivalent to multiple filler vials.


During this surgical operation, an s-shaped incision is sliced on the face. Usually, the surgeon will begin cutting near the lower half, closer to the neck and jawline. Then, they accompany these incisions with another technique, separating the skin from muscle. This procedure’s purpose is to lift the skin, remove extraneous fat, and contour the muscle. Once it has been implemented, a person’s face will lose excess wrinkles and appear smooth.

Cutaneous Lifts

A cutaneous lift is a perfect choice for people seeking clandestine improvements to their appearance. By creating an incision near the hairline and ears, operations leave no visible trace. Then, the excess skin can be cut, removed, and discarded. By only targeting the cutaneous layer, recovery is frequently faster. As a result, you will not be out of commission for long if you choose this procedure.

The remaining flesh stretches across the face, covering the previous cuts. On the other hand, the doctor seals the cuts using sutures, which are easy to see. However, once the wounds are healed, the sutures dissolve, disappearing altogether.

Temporal Lifts

A surgeon may require patients to consult with them about temporal lifts. Since the temple and brows are in close proximity to one another, they are frequent targets. If you alleviate wrinkles in one spot, the other area will benefit from the enhancements. Even though these are inadvertent benefits, they are noticeable to other people. Alternatively, someone could schedule an invasive brow lift, surgically enhancing the brows alone. Since these are faster and more convenient, they are beneficial a lot of the time.

Standard Facelifts

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery has detailed the traditional procedure as follows. First, these address numerous areas of complaint, beginning with the mid-face. Although these are more strenuous, the results can be dramatic, improving overall looks. Surgeons can reposition deep tissue by accessing them through temple incisions. Once they have repositioned the skin, they can smooth creases, eliminate jowls, and restore youthful contours.

Options When Considering Face Lift Surgery

Dramatically enhanced appearances are common after getting facelifts. From fewer folds and wrinkles to tighten skin, the benefits are substantial. Anybody can enjoy their elevated appearance after undergoing these surgeries. Nevertheless, one option may outperform the others in your circumstances.

Different Types of Face Lifts and the Beauty Benefits of Each One
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Different Types of Face Lifts and the Beauty Benefits of Each One
Dramatically enhanced appearances are common after getting facelifts. From fewer folds and wrinkles to tighten skin, the benefits are substantial.
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