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Breast Augmentation

Could Implants Improve Your Sex Life?

Sex Life

Everyone knows that breast augmentation enhances the size of your breasts, but could the surgery actually improve your sex life too? A recent poll conducted on RealSelf indicates that, for the majority of women, a better sex life has been a definite benefit.

Results from RealSelf

RealSelf is a prominent online community dedicated to sharing information and results for cosmetic procedures. Consumer reviews are a primary aspect of the site, with participants voting on whether procedures are “worth it” or not. Breast augmentation has an 82 percent “worth it rating”. Doctors can also answer reader questions online; many site members submit personal photos to receive procedure-specific answers for their unique situations.

According to the RealSelf poll, 60 percent of surveyed women said that they have sex more frequently since their breast augmentation, while 70 percent of respondents said their sex life has shown an improvement overall. On a scale of one to 10, women rated their pre-surgery sex life around a 6 on average, and their post-surgery sex life just over 8. Of these women, 28 percent surveyed, added that their sex life had improved by 4 points or more.

I don’t think these results are much of a surprise to any cosmetic surgeon who performs breast augmentations. We see positive patient transformations every day, and not just in the physical sense. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of this career. Cosmetic surgery can have a marked impact on self-esteem, which improves confidence across a lot of other areas of your life as well. According to RealSelf, this even includes the bedroom.

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