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Could Cosmetic Surgery Help Your Career?

Cosmetic Surgery

There are numerous reasons for considering cosmetic surgery, although career progression may not be one that immediately comes to mind. An increasing number of professionals are opting for some form of cosmetic surgery or another in an attempt to further their career, however. Can cosmetic surgery really provide a step up on the career ladder?

Image Translates to Confidence

When we feel that we look our best, we are also at our most confident. It therefore makes sense that, while recruiting for high-powered positions, image and confidence affect career success for both genders.

   As many of us create a link between looking our best and feeling confident, it would appear that cosmetic surgery can, indeed, be a wise career move.

People are Attracted to Beauty

It’s not only romantic relationships that are affected by physical appearance. How beautiful we appear to others has an impact on which babies are cuddled most, which children are expected to do well in education and, eventually, which bosses we look up to. As such, cosmetic surgery for career progression can make a lot of sense.

Fewer Flaws Make Us More Authoritive

As we search for a leader, we look for one who seems to have their act together and can be relied upon to make the correct decisions. On a subconscious level, this is more likely to be an individual who dresses smartly, exudes confidence and carries a general air of flawlessness.

Cosmetic surgery and med spa treatments can subtly refresh your appearance to help you age more gracefully. While a senior position is certainly valued, you’re more likely to land that promotion if you don’t look like a senior yourself.

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