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Could CoolSculpting® Help You Leave Team Denim Denial Too?

Woman in jeans and boots.

Actress Kristin Davis – you may know her better as Charlotte from Sex and the City – has recently hopped aboard the CoolSculpting® train and is loving everything about it. In fact, the actress has teamed up with CoolSculpting to get the message out there to other women that this nonsurgical body contouring tool could be the answer to their “denim denial” problems.

Every woman has that pair of jeans that doesn’t quite fit anymore lurking in the back of their closet, with the hopes of one day being able to squeeze back into them. According to Ms. Davis, CoolSculpting was able to do that for her, and it could help you fit into your favorite pants again, too. Before you dive right into a CoolSculpting treatment near you, here are five cool facts you should know.

1. CoolSculpting Is Customizable

Many people, Kristen included, are under the impression that CoolSculpting is sort of a “one size fits all” procedure. But the truth is, you can custom-tailor this treatment to perfectly suit your needs your goals. For Kristen, she wanted some help getting rid of stubborn fat in her midsection. For you, your trouble spot might be under your chin, your upper arms or those pesky bra rolls. Whatever your concern, your CoolSculpting plan can be customized to address it.

2. It Won’t Take Very Long

Most areas can be treated in as little as 35 minutes, using the latest CoolSculpting applicators. However, your exact treatment time will vary, based on the size of the treatment area and how many different areas of your body you’d like to treat at once. If your provider offers DualSculpting, a method that uses two machines at once, you could cut your treatment time in half.

If you’re like Kristin Davis, you can get caught up on your favorite TV show while getting CoolSculpting.

3. It’s Non-invasive

CoolSculpting is non-invasive, so there’s really nothing scary about it. There aren’t any needles, sutures or other scary-sounding surgical things to worry about.

This also means that there’s no real downtime to plan around after your appointment. Most people are able to get right back to their normal daily routine. Kristin Davis said that she actually forgot she’d had anything done until the end of the day when putting her daughter to bed.

4. CoolSculpting Mainly Feels, Well, Cold

Most people don’t report feeling any discomfort during their CoolSculpting procedure, but you probably will feel a cold sensation on the treated area. This feeling should subside as the area goes numb. You should feel comfortable enough to watch TV, read a magazine, check your email or even take a quick nap during treatment.

5. Your Jeans Will Fit Better

Take it from Kristin Davis, who says she wishes she would have gotten CoolSculpting much sooner: your jeans will fit better afterward. While it can take up to about 3 months to see your full CoolSculpting results, Ms. Davis says that her denim denial pants fit just four days later!

It is important to be patient and realistic about your results. Some people, including Kristin, will see an optimal outcome after more than one CoolSculpting treatment, while others get their maximum results after just one. Work with an experienced physician who specializes in CoolSculpting to plan the perfect body contouring timeline for you.


Could CoolSculpting® Help You Leave Team Denim Denial Too?
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Could CoolSculpting® Help You Leave Team Denim Denial Too?
Looking for CoolSculpting near you to crush #DenimDenial? CoolSculpting specialist Dr. Martin Everhard of Savannah, Georgia shares some must-know facts.
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