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Breast Implants

Could Breast Implants Cause Stretch Marks?

Whether due to pregnancy, weight gain or the rapid growth associated with puberty, most people have (or know someone who has) developed stretch marks after the skin is forced to expand too quickly. When considering breast augmentation, some patients are concerned that the amount of skin stretching that will occur after implants are placed could result in unsightly stretch marks. Could stretch marks really result as an unintended consequence of your breast augmentation?

Understanding Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, which are actually a type of scar, are visible tears within the deeper layers of skin when tissue elasticity can’t keep up with the rate at which the skin is stretching. Placing breast implants, particularly large ones, inside the breast pocket requires the skin to stretch and expand, so many patients worry that stretch marks could develop as a result of breast augmentation. Since stretch marks are permanent, this concern could make some patients feel reluctant to move forward with augmentation.

Possible, Not Probable

Patients should understand that to say stretch marks are uncommon with breast augmentation is an understatement. Although the striated marks do occasionally appear as a result of implants, this is extremely rare. Most doctors agree that factors such as age and implant size are possible contributing factors to the development of stretch marks, which are more common among younger patients and patients opting for very large implants.

However, statistics seem to support the opinion that a patient will either be predisposed to getting stretch marks or not. If you’ve been through a pregnancy or weight fluctuations without noticeable stretch marks, you’re not likely to see them after getting implants either.

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