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Tummy Tuck

Could Acupuncture Replace Tummy Tucks?

Hand Stimulating Acupuncture Needle

Acupuncture is a facet of traditional Chinese medicine that’s touted as an effective, all-natural way to improve or prevent a number of diseases and conditions. Some acupuncture practitioners claim their treatments can even tone and tighten abdominal skin to mimic the results of a tummy tuck. Before canceling your tummy tuck consultation and heading to your local acupuncturist, though, here are some facts you should know.

How Acupuncture Works

According to the teachings of ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture works by inserting small needles in specific acupuncture points to control and correct the body’s flow of energy. The theory is that, since ailments are caused primarily by energy imbalance, properly directing the energy flow through the body can then bring correction and healing. While most commonly used in the United States for pain relief, the applications of acupuncture are broadening to include more conditions…including a flabby stomach.

The Acupuncture Tummy Tuck

Proponents of “acupuncture tummy tucks” claim that the process works by stimulating and revitalizing the body, which then encourages the body to naturally tighten and tone loose stomach skin on its own. These claims are typically qualified by noting that a balanced diet and active lifestyle should be used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments to ensure a smoother, slimmer waistline.

The effectiveness of acupuncture is hailed by many as legitimate and effective for both mental and physical health concerns. However, the true effectiveness of acupuncture on loose, excess stomach skin has yet to be scientifically validated. If you want to eliminate extra tummy skin and tighten your abdominal muscles, a tummy tuck remains the most proven and successful solution for creating a sleeker, smoother midsection.

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