Could a Facelift Change People’s Perception of You?

Lines drawn on face

If you think facelifts are all about superficially changing your appearance, think again. Recent research has found that the way you look is directly related to not just how you feel, but also how you act and how other people perceive you.

Of course, you should ultimately get a facelift for yourself, not because of what others think of you. But if you’ve already decided that the procedure right for you, here are a few added benefits of a facelift that you could enjoy.

Look More Attractive, More Successful and Healthier

Previous studies have found that people who get facial cosmetic surgeries tend to enjoy an increased self-esteem and even quality of life. Until recently, though, not much research has looked at how these changes might make others perceive you.

A recent study published in JAMA was the first large-scale report of its kind to measure the reactions of observers to facelift results. It found that getting a facelift can change much more than just how attractive and youthful you appear to others, although that certainly is one benefit of the procedure.

Participants in the study, who looked at before and after photos of facelift results, also rated the “after” photos as appearing more successful and healthier. 

Self-Confidence and Behavior

Getting a facelift could give you a newfound sense of self-confidence, and other people are going to notice this change in demeanor.

When discussing the study results, researchers pinpointed subconscious changes in the way that people act when they feel confident in themselves. For example, a confident person might hold his head high, sit taller and smile more than someone who is self-conscious of his appearance. Thus, it may be these qualities that observers are picking up when rating the facelift before and after photos.


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