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Cosmetic Treatments that Will Help You Stay Calm

Do you ever think about the connection between your stress level and how it affects your appearance?

After a particularly stressful day, do you see in the mirror or even feel as though it’s taking a toll on the way you look?

If so, your intuition is probably right – stress does affect your appearance and can manifest in your face in very obvious ways. From wrinkles on your forehead to crows feet around the eyes, excess stress can have a major impact on your look. Discover spa treatments that won’t only remove these symptoms of feeling over-stressed but will leave you feeling better than ever before after they’re done.

Relaxation – A Secondary Benefit of Cosmetic Treatments

When going to get a certain treatment, your main goal may be to improve your looks, but the calming aspect may be a welcome secondary bonus. Since stress causes many effects that make you look older, you’re improving your looks when you eliminate it. Plus, a more calm demeanor helps you appear more youthful and can help your health and cognitive function as well.

Face Masks From a Med Spa

Although face masks can be made on your own, getting the treatment at a spa can be a fun and relaxing experience. Face masks can be made out of a wide range of ingredients, but they’re all designed to deeply moisturize and cleanse your skin.

While wearing your face mask, it’s common to put cucumber slices on your eyes. As you lay there in complete darkness, your body will relax while the face mask does all the work. When your session is over, the skin on your face will feel completely purified while your body will be tranquil and revitalized after the treatment.

Pro Tip – Follow Your Facial Mask With a Steam Facial

A perfect way to end a face mask treatment in a spa or at home is with steam facials. Essentially, a steam facial involves putting a pot of boiling water under your face and adding essential oils. As the pleasant smelling steam rises against your face, you’ll experience a unique peaceful feeling while gaining the benefits for your skin.

Achieve Ultimate Relaxation with Float Therapy

With over 300 float centers in the US today, it’s clear that float therapy is gaining popularity at a steady rate. If you’re lucky enough to have a float center near you, it’s arguably the most relaxing thing you can do for your body. With water that’s the same temperature as your body and no stimulation for your eyes or ears, a float tank puts you in a completely tranquil, mindful state.

Once you’ve disrobed and rinsed off in a shower, you’ll enter your float tank, find a comfortable spot, and begin floating on your back. After ten minutes or so, the faint light and music will shut off, leaving you in complete darkness. With no input from your senses, your brain will be free to wander as your body floats, resulting in one of the most relaxing feelings in the world.

Pro-Tip – Avoid Couples Float Tanks for Maximum Results

It’s fun to do a lot of things as couples like going out to eat and getting massages. However, the couples tanks offered by many float centers seem like a good idea, but in many ways, floating is best done solo.

This is because even if your partner is silent and won’t be splashing around during your session, there’s a good chance you’ll float into each other, which completely resets your relaxing experience. There are plenty of dates that are great for couples but try float tanks alone for optimal relaxation.

Choose Sedation for Your Next Cosmetic Dental Appointment

When it comes to improving aesthetics, our smiles are often underrated. A white, healthy smile can make a memorable first impression and may single-handedly be the factor that determines whether someone dates you or not. People make a lot of assumptions about those with bad teeth so trying procedures that can enhance them is well worth the investment.

Cosmetic dentists offer many solutions to the problems you may have with your teeth. Consider these options and how sedation dentists like Mark Rangel can make any of these appointments a breeze:

  • Professional teeth whitening treatments can remove stains and lighten up your teeth.
  • A crown can strengthen and improve aesthetics for a damaged tooth.
  • Porcelain veneers can give you a Hollywood Smile in a single treatment.

Pro-tip – Change Your Dental Experience with Sedation Treatments

Dentists who perform sedation treatments are fairly rare, and finding one can make all of your dental appointments completely stress-free. If you decide to undergo cosmetic dental treatment, simply bring up the fact that you’re interested in sedation, and you won’t feel any stress or pain associated with the treatment.

Visit the Tanning Bed for an Experience that Relaxes You in Multiple Ways

You may have heard about the dangers of too much sun, and a lot of them are real, but like most things, tanning requires a balance. While staying inside and never experiencing the sun isn’t healthy, neither is excessive tanning. That said, a moderate amount of time in the sun or on the tanning bed can work wonders for your health, appearance, and well-being.

Aside from the relaxation that comes from laying in the heat, there are also calming properties gained from absorbing UV rays. It takes just 15 minutes of exposure to meet your vitamin D requirement, which also plays a key role in maintaining erections, thereby improving your sex life. Plus, if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder which causes depression based on the time of year, getting in the sun will reduce these symptoms and help you look and feel your best.

Pro-Tip – Take the Extra Step to Keep Your Fun in the Sun Safe as Well

If you don’t want to be having surgeries to remove sunspots and mysterious bumps when you’re in your 50’s, take the extra minute to bring sunscreen and put it on. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends using a sunscreen that is 30 SPF or higher for sufficient protection against sun-related skin problems. This extra minute of your time can save you from life-threatening skin problems when you’re older.

How You Feel is Often Related to How You Look

If you’re someone who’s used to working long hours and living a high-stress lifestyle, it may be worthwhile to invest in healthy ways to destress. Relaxing cosmetic treatments provide twice the value, because they improve your look in a certain way while reducing the stress that makes you look older. Next time you’re overwhelmed or under pressure, take a moment to feel how it may be affecting your body. Finding excellent ways to relieve it will provide vast improvements to your aesthetics.

Cosmetic Treatments that Will Help You Stay Calm
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Cosmetic Treatments that Will Help You Stay Calm
Many cosmetic procedures are relaxing, but these options are great if you want to leave feeling exceptionally calm once your treatment is over.
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