Tummy Tuck

Considering a Tummy Tuck? Ask Yourself 4 Questions

Tummy Tuck

If you’re unhappy with excess skin around your abdomen, weakened stomach muscles or some stubborn fat following pregnancy, you may be considering a tummy tuck with the aim of getting your figure back. A tummy tuck can be a fantastic way of tackling these issues, but there are some factors you should consider before going ahead.

  1. Am I a Suitable Candidate?

    The best candidates for tummy tucks are men and women who have loose abdominal skin, weakened muscles, or stubborn fat which cannot be worked off. A tummy tuck isn’t intended to replace a healthy diet and lifestyle, but instead to deal with problem areas that cannot be improved otherwise. A consultation with a reputable cosmetic surgeon will help you to assess your suitability.

  2. Am I Prepared for The Recovery Time?

    A tummy tuck isn’t a minor procedure, so you will need to take some time off work afterwards. The specifics will depend on the nature of your job and your personal circumstances but, generally, you will need 2 weeks off work and around 6 weeks overall recovery time.

  3. What Type of Tummy Tuck Will I Need?

    Your recovery time will also be influenced by the type of tummy tuck you opt for. The best candidates for a mini tummy tuck are those with less complex needs. Otherwise, a full tummy tuck may be recommended. You may also wish to combine tummy tuck with another procedure, such as a Brazilian butt lift.

  4. Am I Committed to Maintaining Results?

    The results of your tummy tuck can be affected by future weight gain or pregnancy, meaning you should consider the timing carefully. You will also need to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine to maintain your results and avoid needing a repeat procedure!

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