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Combining Liposuction and Breast Implants

Breast Implants

While not always thought of as procedures that can be performed simultaneously, combining breast implants with liposuction is becoming increasingly popular in the field of plastic surgery and at Dr. Meade’s practice. The two procedures have very different goals, yet can complement each other effectively and provide a level of cosmetic enhancement not possible on their own.

Surgery Synergy

Breast augmentation alone can provide dramatic changes in appearance, even if the implant size is relatively modest. Implants improve the size and fullness of the breasts, but the true value of the procedure may lie in the increased confidence that women feel after their procedure.

This confidence can be enhanced even further by combining breast augmentation with liposuction. While implants are designed to change breast volume, liposuction can address other areas of the body to create better overall proportionality.

Sculpting Your Body

Liposuction sculpts the body in targeted areas and helps slim them down. This can be used to showcase and highlight breast implant results by trimming the waist, hips and abdominal area to create more disparity between the size of the tummy and the breasts. The end result of this is two treatment areas that complement each other by providing appealing frameworks for each other to play off of – larger breasts offset a small waist, and a trim midsection highlights your fuller breasts. The combination of these two procedures often creates an hourglass figure, an end result considered highly desirable by many women.

While either procedure may be effective at meeting your appearance goals, speak with Dr. Meade to see if you may be a candidate for more comprehensive contouring through a combination of breast implants and liposuction.

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