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Breast Reduction Tummy Tuck

Combining Breast Reduction and a Tummy Tuck

If your habits are healthy but you find you are still not able to get back to the look you had before pregnancy, a combination breast reduction and tummy tuck might be the most effective option. Breast reduction helps remove extra tissue that causes even full breasts to appear saggy and “older” after breastfeeding, while tummy tuck tightens and flattens muscle and tissue that lost some of its elasticity and firmness.

One Goal, Two Procedures

When you see a change to your body shape, it’s easy to pick out just one area as the most stubborn or top-priority factor. But while small improvements can definitely help contribute to big changes, for truly complete change it’s important to take an approach that takes into account how different problem factors compound – and how improvements in multiple areas can complement each other more effectively.

Loose abdominal tissues draw the eye downward and create lower-body fullness that often makes even slightly sagging breasts look pendulous and out of proportion.

The combined surgery saves on the cost of anesthesia, pre-operative investigations, and hospital fees. The cost of the combined procedure is less than the cost of individual surgery. The combined procedures make the most popular mommy makeover procedure for females looking for body contouring surgery. You can benefit from a drastic change in the overall body image appearance through combined surgery. The combination also helps in rebuilding confidence and self image in women.

Women with loose and hanging abdominal muscles prefer to choose a combination of the two procedures after pregnancy and childbirth. Women that undergo breast reduction and tummy tuck together are more satisfied with the results of their makeover than female that undergo procedures in different sessions.

Since the two surgeries are major procedures, these must be taken seriously. Female with large tummy and heavy breasts should ideally get the procedure done in two sittings. However, before choosing to combine the two procedures for better results and reduced cost, consult your surgeon first. If you are travelling abroad for cosmetic or plastic procedure, it makes more economic sense if you combine the two procedures.

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