Choosing a Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery

Whether you seek liposuction, facial rejuvenation, liquid facelift or full-body facelift, it is important to choose the surgeon for cosmetic surgery wisely, as success of the procedure depends considerably on the surgeon’s expertise and ability. With the number of people opting for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery rising exponentially, more and more doctors are choosing the field of cosmetic surgery, making it hard for you to locate a properly trained and certified specialist in the field.

How to Find the Best Surgeon for You

Taking your time to doing your own research is one of the best ways to find a surgeon for cosmetic surgery. Don’t just rely on what others say, though you may ask your friends and relatives for recommendations if they know a good surgeon for cosmetic surgery or have successfully undergone the procedure themselves. Pay particular attention to these factors when comparing surgeons:


Try to find out the surgeon’s experience with the procedure being considered. Experienced surgeons perform a range of cosmetic procedures regularly. However, if you consider a “new” technique, find out if the results substantiating effectiveness and safety of the procedure have been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Follow-up Care

Surgery alone is not the end of the surgical journey. Good surgical care must follow. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to schedule follow-up visits for the patients. Inquire about the doctor’s policies on a revision surgery and follow-up visits.

Rapport or Personality

Patient satisfaction is enhanced when the surgeon establishes a good rapport with them. Even the most successful surgeon might not be the “right” choice for every patient. Before finalizing a surgeon, find out how effectively your doctor communicates with you. Do you feel comfortable with the doctor in candidly discussing your goals? Do you both agree on realistic expectations? If you are able to establish good rapport with an experienced doctor, you are more likely to plan the course of the surgical journey successfully. If the surgeon does not answer your questions patiently and completely, do not go ahead with them because it is important to establish a comfort level with the doctor performing the procedure on you. The surgeon must try to make sure all your queries are answered so that you can easily make a good decision. After all, you are the one taking the risk!

Before and After Photos

Some surgeons are exceptional at what they do, while some others may be inexcusably bad. To find out if the surgical techniques really work in the hands of the surgeon you are considering, ask them to show you the before and after photos of their former patients that have had a successful cosmetic procedure.

Hospital Privileges

Make sure the surgeons you are short listing have operating privileges to perform the chosen procedure in an accredited hospital. Hospital review committees do not grant operating privileges to a surgeon before evaluating their training and competency for particular surgical procedures.
The aforementioned factors should guide you through the difficult process of choosing a surgeon for cosmetic surgery. However, no surgeon can guarantee results of a surgical procedure, since everyone’s face and anatomy is different. Success does depend on the surgeon’s skills and creativity; however, the results of a cosmetic surgery also depend on your facial anatomy and healing capacity.

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