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Breast Augmentation

Can You Wear a Bra After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and frequently performed cosmetic surgeries worldwide. It can be an ideal solution for achieving a beautiful figure. If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, you probably have a lot of questions, including one of the major ones, “Can I wear a bra after my breast augmentation surgery?” The answer is simple. After breast augmentation, your implants will need time to settle into place.  A bra can affect the shape of the breasts in some way. It is not good for you to put on a bra right after your surgery for reasons we’ll explain.

Breast augmentation won’t just change the size of your breasts. It will also change the size of the bra you wear.  It’s a chance to jump online and go shopping. You might decide to have your bra fitting done after your breast augmentation, just to make sure you’re wearing the right size bra for your new breasts.

But, before you head out to a lingerie store, it’s important to remember that it will take some time before you can actually wear a bra again and it’s important to find the right bra size. If you’re not sure how to measure your breasts to figure out the right bra size, and you can’t get help from a professional at a department or lingerie store, the process is relatively simple.

Can I Wear Underwire Bras after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Sports bras are good to wear after getting breast implants. Support garments – such as sports bras – are very important to help your healing and recovery from breast surgery. But it is NOT recommended to wear underwire bras during your recovery from breast augmentation. The wires can irritate any incisions in the crease beneath the breast, which can make scarring more visible. Most surgeons will advise you not to wear underwire bras for up to 6 months after surgery.

7 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Bra 24/7

  • Shape: Soft, comfortable yet firmly-hugging support bras help the breasts retain a good shape as they heal or recovery from breast augmentation surgery with breast implants
  • Pressure: Avoid underwire style bras because if you wear an underwire bra, it can put unwanted pressure on your breasts and implants AND on your incision line – both can create problems during your recovery
  • Swelling: The right support bra gives security, comfort and even support – it allows swelling to settle a bit more evenly
  • Settling: The right bra increases your chances of an even settling of the breast implants over the first couple of months (as they settle in to place and swelling subsides, there may be minor descent); this is expected and often why you start with fuller upper-pole volume during the first few weeks – partially swelling partially as they are settling after surgery
  • Movement: As your body adjusts to having implants, it’s best to avoid jarring movements that might put pressure on your incision line sutures as they heal – this could worsen your scars
  • Exercise: The right bra may help some you heal a bit better/more rapidly, allowing some women to return earlier to their gym workouts, Pilates or yoga classes (but DO wait until you’ve been cleared by your surgeon for exercise after breast augmentation and avoid heavy lifting until you’ve been advised it’s okay to do so without risking your surgery results)
  • Intimacy: Wearing a support bra even at night also reminds your significant other that your breasts are not to be touched, massaged or fondled for the first 6 weeks after your breast augmentation operation

Is Going Braless Good After I Recover from Breast Augmentation?

You can go braless once in a while if you have good, firm skin resiliency and a moderate-sized implant. However, if you make a habit of it, you will sacrifice the longevity of your surgery results and could end up with premature breast sagging, skin stretching and other unwanted aesthetic implications.

Can You Wear a Bra After Breast Augmentation Surgery?
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Can You Wear a Bra After Breast Augmentation Surgery?
A bra can affect the shape of the breasts in some way. Find out why it is not good for you to put on a bra right after breast augmentation surgery.
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