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Can You Expect to Lose Inches after Liposuction?

From restoring a pre-pregnancy stomach to slimming stubborn thigh fat, people have liposuction for many reasons. In fact, lipo is the second most popular surgery in the United States. While some people do report inches lost after liposuction, this is not necessarily the norm. Here’s why.

It’s Not about Numbers

Liposuction helps to sculpt your body by removing fat located under the skin. It is important to understand that liposuction is a contouring procedure, not a weight loss procedure. The results of liposuction can vary significantly from person to person. Some keep wearing the same size clothes afterward while others drop several sizes.


Different People, Different Results

Several factors can affect the amount of inches lost after liposuction, if any, as well as the aesthetic results of the procedure.

  • Skin Elasticity. The skin’s ability to bounce back after being stretched out depends largely on its elasticity, and everyone’s is different. That’s why some people have more loose skin after a weight loss than others.

       People with a lot of excess skin may get better results from liposuction by combining it with a tummy tuck.

  • Amount of Excess Fat. The amount of excess fatty tissue you start with can affect your outcome. That is one of the reasons plastic surgeons recommend reaching your goal weight before having the procedure in order to get your best possible results.
  • Your lifestyle choices will affect the outcome and potential inches lost after liposuction. Eating right, exercising and refraining from unhealthy habits like smoking will go a long way toward achieving more beautiful results.


Is Lipo the Answer?

If your goal is to have a slimmer profile or to fit into clothing better, liposuction will likely help you achieve it. However, it is not realistic to expect to lose an exact number of inches. Many people get the look they want from lipo without seeing any major difference on the scale or in clothing size.


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