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Can You Epilate Before Your Laser Hair Removal?

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Epilating or plucking hair is a great method to remove hair at a reasonable cost. Epilating even reduces hair growth. But among the hair removal methods currently available, laser hair removal is the best and most effective. Epilating or plucking hair during or after a laser hair removal treatment is never a wise decision.

Can You Epilate Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Epilating hair after the treatment can disturb your skin. But epilating can be effective in laser hair removal therapy before the therapy starts, if done in a certain way. Wax epilation 14 days before laser hair removal improves results for several months. In one study, for 12 out of 13 patients, lasered zones that had been pretreated with wax epilation were smoother compared with regions that had been pretreated by shaving. But no huge difference was noted among waxed and unwaxed treated zones that had not been laser treated. This definitely proves the effectiveness of epilation before.

Can You Epilate During Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

In the current technology, it is never appropriate to epilate or pluck hairs during a laser treatment. When you pluck your hair, the laser cannot focus on the dynamic roots. If you have eliminated hair by waxing or epilating, the laser therapy will not work. The treatment needs hair to retain the laser light.

Will Laser Hair Removal Work as Quickly as Plucking or Epilating?

The short answer is no. Laser hair removal has many benefits but ordinarily requires 5 to 6 treatment sessions to show wanted outcomes. In this cycle, the laser focuses on the hair follicles with dynamic roots straight away. The light energy is consumed by the melanin inside each hair follicle, which warms up at the root. This heat goes down the hair follicle and transmits to harm the hair bulb. In the long run, the hair growth is harmed to the degree that it quits developing.

Hair removal strategies like epilating and waxing can make a laser hair removal treatment inadequate. In fact, it may cause the hair grow back more firmly.

Can You Epilate Before Your Laser Hair Removal?
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Can You Epilate Before Your Laser Hair Removal?
Epilating or plucking hair during or after laser hair removal is never a wise decision. Read on to find out why.
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