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Can Not Caring About Your Appearance Lead to Low Self-Esteem?

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“Inner beauty matters the most”, “A person should feel beautiful from within”, and “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” – All these are popular quotes about beauty and appearance. Many people claim that they don’t believe in outer appearance. Instead, they focus on the inner beauty, i.e., the qualities and personality of others.

But more often than not, their words don’t match their actions. When it comes to establishing relationships, whether in the professional or social circle, people consider physical appearance as one of the key factors. Most of the time, the appearance of a person is what draws the attention of others towards him or her. People feel pleasant while interacting with beautiful people.

Gradually, they make an effort to understand the personality traits and qualities of others after spending some time with them. Now, we are not trying to prove that you should focus solely on your looks and not your inner characteristics. We are just trying to highlight the fact that looking your best is as important as being the best version of yourself.

Thus, along with concentrating on improving your skills and expanding your knowledge, you should also pay attention to your appearance. You don’t need to look good in order to impress others, although that automatically happens when people find you charming, but rather for yourself.


When you look your best, you feel happy and confident. You get a sense of satisfaction and validation within yourself. Many studies have proved that when people keep themselves groomed and dressed well, they start loving themselves. Loving yourself is the first step toward increasing self-esteem. If you want to make huge progress on both personal and professional fronts, having high self-esteem is necessary.

Unkempt clothes, messy hair, dirty shoes, and ungroomed nails – all indicate the fact that you are not concerned about your appearance. Even though you might be highly professional and organized in your life, a disheveled appearance can give off the impression to others that you are not an organized person.


Over the past two years ever since the COVID-19 pandemic had struck the world, a large percentage of the workforce in every country has been working from home. While discharging job responsibilities and conducting business activities from home, people don’t pay enough attention to their looks. As they don’t have to visit their workplace or meet their colleagues, they dress casually and stop grooming themselves.

There is nothing wrong with wearing casual or comfortable clothes, but over time, you can feel lethargic and less motivated due to it. Even if you are working from home, you should try to dress as if you are going to your workplace. The task of dressing and looking well adds another purpose to your life. When you carry out this task daily, you feel more worthy of accomplishments and relationships.

On the contrary, if you stop taking care of your appearance, you will experience that your self-esteem has decreased. Emotions like lack of self-esteem and lack of motivation can contribute to the onset or development of mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and so on.

Hence, caring about your appearance on a regular basis is as important as caring about it on special occasions like celebrations and parties. Keep a decent range of apparel, footwear, and accessories in your wardrobe to stay ready for all occasions. You should follow proper skincare and hair care routine to avoid problems related to skin and hair in the future. Comb your hair daily to make it look livelier.

Your approach towards your appearance should not be short-term. In simple words, the products or methods that you use today should not lead to problems later. When you buy products related to skin, hair, and overall body, conduct a bit of research to select ones that are not only suitable but also chemical-free.


Taking good care of your appearance is a brilliant way to spend some time with yourself amidst your busy schedule and fast-paced life. Moreover, it can also help you inculcate some nice habits in yourself, such as eating healthy food and practicing personal hygiene.

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Can Not Caring About Your Appearance Lead to Low Self-Esteem?
Having a pleasant physical appearance boosts your confidence and self-esteem, and thus, contributes towards your overall well-being significantly.
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