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Can Liposuction Help You Meet Military Fitness Standards?

Military Fitness Standards

Members of the military always have needed to be in shape and pass physical fitness standards. Yet, being physically fit isn’t the only way the military assesses physical condition. As many servicemen have learned, if their waist size is too large when compared to their neck size based on military guidelines, servicemen may be forced to wash out or can be denied promotions. As a result, there has been a surge in military-related lipo procedures to pass physical fitness standards.

Washing Out Due to Waist Size

The military has drummed out a rising number of military personnel in recent years. During 2012, about 1,800 servicemen were discharged due to their waist sizes, which is about four times the number discharged for that reason in 2010. Those who are not discharged outright may find themselves enrolled in a military nutrition and fitness program that lasts for months, delaying their professional progress. It’s hard to win a promotion or master an important skill when the focus is on slimming down and eating right.

Improving Fitness Passing Rates with Lipo

With the increased emphasis on being slim enough to stay in the military, many cosmetic surgeons are seeing increased business from servicemen and women wanting to have their love handles reduced. While diet and exercise are best for weight loss, sometimes isolated pockets of fat remain behind even after reaching the required standard military weight, causing waist measurements to remain too high. Liposuction safely and permanently sculpts away fatty deposits for a smoother, streamlined look that’s more in line with military standards.

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