After Weight Loss Liposuction

Can Liposuction Help after Weight Loss?


Every cosmetic surgeon will tell patients who are interested in achieving significant weight loss that liposuction is not the right solution to reach that goal. Yet, what about the patients who have already met their weight loss objective and simply want to improve their contours after the fact? Can lipo help make a difference?

Getting Better Contours

One of the frustrations of weight loss in general is that it’s impossible for patients to control from where, exactly, the excess weight will be shed. The hope is that the waistline will become more pronounced, legs and arms will slim down and the belly will look flatter. While some of these goals may be realized, others may not manifest, leaving patients to wonder where, exactly, those lost pounds went if not toward an overall improvement in body contours.

Liposuction is ideal for improving the shape and profile of isolated problem areas—not as a weight loss tool, but as an aesthetic one. Through the permanent removal of adipose tissue, liposuction further slims down the figure after the ideal target weight has been reached for smoother, more controlled contours.

Additional Body Contouring

While lipo can improve body profile, other surgeries may be needed for body contouring after weight loss as well. Since lipo can only address adipose tissue, the appearance of loose, hanging skin will require surgical excision. After body contouring, either with liposuction or through other reshaping procedures, maintaining a healthy diet and staying active is one of the secrets to lasting liposuction, helping patients enjoy their new figure for longer.

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