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Breast Implants

Can Breast Implants Ever Be Subtle?

shutterstock_60352012When some people think of breast implants, they envision large, dramatic, noticeable breasts. While these results are possible, many women often seek subtler, more natural-looking implants. In fact, the latest trends in breast augmentation seem to favor modest boosts of volume over a much larger look.

What’s Behind the Trend Toward Subtle Breast Implants?

Although breast augmentation remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the country, the kinds of results that women want from the procedure can vary. With an increasing focus on health, wellness and active lifestyles, more women may be seeking smaller, less dramatic changes to their natural breast size.

Additionally, celebrity influence could also be contributing to this trend toward smaller implants. Some stars, like Victoria Beckham, have opted for a smaller, subtler look, and many women considering breast augmentations are requesting breast sizes similar to those of Gwen Stefani and Kate Hudson.

How to Achieve This Look

An experienced plastic surgeon may utilize different implant profiles and positioning to help you achieve effortless, natural-looking results from your breast augmentation. Implant profiles determine how much your breasts will project forward from your chest when standing upright. By choosing a moderate or low profile implant and placing it behind the chest muscle, your breast implants can look, feel and move much like natural breasts.

When working with your plastic surgeon, be sure to clearly communicate the type of results you’d like to achieve, and he or she should be able to guide you through the various profiles, sizes and types of implants that can offer you a subtle look.

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