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Bringing Out Your Inner Hourglass

Midsection view of a sexy woman standing at beach

The hourglass figure is often held up as one of the ideal beauty standards. Yet, a true hourglass shape that features identical measurements for the bust and hips with a much smaller waistline isn’t all that common; women with curvy breasts and bottoms don’t usually have a naturally small waist. With some judicious liposuction, however, you can definitely bring out your inner hourglass.

Enhancing Your Curves

The key to a gorgeous hourglass all lies in the waistline. Women who are naturally well-endowed both above and below just need some subtle shaping to better frame their existing curves. A tummy tuck is ideal for trimming away excess skin and tissue through the waistline and belly, either with or without incorporating liposuction for fine-tuning. Even liposuction on its own can make your waist dramatically slimmer, helping the bust and bottom look more curvaceous by contrast.

For those women who are close to an hourglass but not quite there, breast augmentation is the classic option to enhance your curves; when incorporated with a breast lift, your breasts will be high and firm as well as full. And again, adding some midline liposuction at the same time will make your new look that much more striking.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Body

The best results in cosmetic surgery all have one thing in common: a focus on procedures that underline what’s best about your natural body. If you have the potential for a classic, head-turning hourglass, plastic surgery can be the finishing touch to help you get there, as long as you take the right approach.

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