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Breast Implants Won’t Give You Perky Breasts — But This Combo Could

Perky Breasts

If lifted, perky breasts are what you’re after, a breast augmentation alone isn’t likely to be the best solution. In fact, if sagging is already a concern, getting breast implants on their own could worsen the problem. Fortunately, there’s a combination procedure that can give you a boost of volume and an uplifted profile at the same time.

When a Breast Augmentation and Lift Could Be Right

Your plastic surgeon may suggest opting for a combination breast augmentation and breast lift if you want to go a little bigger but are also concerned about drooping. Therefore, the best candidates for this procedure should have already finished having children, as a revision surgery may be needed following future pregnancy or breastfeeding to maintain the same results.

One of the many benefits of combining these two procedures into one surgery, though, is the fact that you’ll only need one recovery period. Additionally, the cost of a combined procedure is typically lower than the cost of getting to separate surgeries.

How Is a Breast Lift Performed?

There are several different techniques that can be used to add a breast lift to your enlargement procedure. The best choice for you will depend on the natural position of your breasts, as well as your goals for your final outcome.

The lollipop breast lift, for example, is sold by those who do it as “less scar and great shape” but actually while the scars are shorter, they are worse. Further, the shaping isn’t as good as what Dr. Rand can do with the T-incision breast lift for better shaping and better scars.

The T-incision breast lift is one of the most commonly performed techniques because of its flexibility and incisions that can be easily hidden under a bathing suit or bra.

The periareolar lift requires fewer incisions, but it’s typically only recommend for women with a very small amount of drooping. For this type of breast lift, your plastic surgeon will create an incision around the areola, which doesn’t offer as much access as the lollipop technique.

For women with a larger amount of loose tissue, the traditional anchor incision lift may be the best solution. During this procedure, your plastic surgeon creates the same vertical incision as in the lollipop lift, but also adds an incision that runs along the length of your breast crease. The resulting incision resembles an anchor, which is where this technique gets its name.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

If you think a breast augmentation and breast lift combo could be right for you, make sure you find a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience performing this combination procedure. It can also be helpful to check out a few before and after photos of previous lifts plus augmentations that this particular plastic surgeon has performed in the past. This should give you a better idea of the kinds of results you might be able to expect yourself.

Once you’ve done some research and narrowed down your search, schedule an in-person consultation and come prepared with a few questions. You can ask your plastic surgeon about his or her medical schooling and training, experience performing breast lifts, whether he or she feels you would be a good candidate and which surgical technique he or she recommends for you.

Putting a little extra time into choosing the right plastic surgeon can give you peace of mind as you prepare for your procedure and anticipate your beautiful results.


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