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Breast Implants for Better Symmetry

Breast Implants

Many women think of breast augmentation as a cosmetic solution for larger, fuller breasts. However, breast implants can also be ideal for improving asymmetrical breasts, particularly in women where the difference is as much as a cup size or more. What’s the best approach for ensuring symmetry using breast implants?

Resolving Hypertrophy with Implants

Every woman has some degree of asymmetry in her breasts. For the most part, this is minimal enough to be barely noticeable to the average observer and doesn’t require any corrective treatment. A smaller percentage of women notice breast hypertrophy, where breast tissue grows too quickly in one breast, and causes a noticeable difference in cup size from that breast to the other. This variance leads to challenges not only in finding an appropriate bra size but also can lead to increased self-consciousness.

Breast asymmetry can be alleviated with breast implants. For women who are happy with the size of their larger breast, a single implant can be used in the smaller side to equalize volume between the two. Other women may choose implants in both breasts, opting for a smaller implant in the hypertrophic breast to ensure even results. In addition to implants, breast reduction may also be performed on the hypertrophic breast to create evenness; a breast lift can enhance final results as well if noticeable ptosis is present.

Achieving Beautiful Results

Many women with perceptible breast asymmetry are unaware that implants offer a viable, permanent solution to enhance their figure. Under the guidance of a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon, either saline or silicone gel implants can create a beautiful look for both breasts.

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