Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement Boosts More than Cup Size

For many women, breast augmentation is thought of as a means to an end…the end result of a larger cup size, that is. Yet, after surgery, the majority of women report that they see improvements across several areas of their life, and not just in terms of how their bodies look.

Psychological Impact of Attractiveness

The sense of positive body image is a major factor in confidence levels and self-esteem, especially in women. Society places a high value on attractiveness in both men and women, but women face particularly high beauty standards. The attempt to live up to these standards includes struggles to lose or gain weight, wearing high heels to appear taller, and changing hair and makeup.

Study after study shows that attractive people are assumed to be happier, more successful, more intelligent and more likable than those who aren’t considered beautiful. More attractive applicants receive more job offers after interviews, are more likely to be employed and even tend to earn higher wages. For those who do not naturally have a large breast size, feeling limited to a less than ideal appearance can lead to frustration, low self-esteem and diminished confidence. Plastic surgery for Tampa women can be a positive next step toward achieving those appearance goals.

How Cosmetic Surgery Helps

With body image ranking as such a primary element in terms of social and even professional success, it’s not a stretch to realize that a cosmetic surgeon could be the perfect answer for women wanting to improve their appearance.

Women may choose breast implants for a variety of reasons, but they all add up to one thing: they want to feel better about themselves and the image that they’re presenting to the world. Underdeveloped breasts, asymmetrical breasts or changes in the figure following pregnancy or weight loss can all cause women to want to change their appearance. Breast implants can offer a solution.

Survey Results

Last year, breast augmentation was the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Women who filled out a questionnaire regarding self-image and self-esteem both before and after their breast augmentation procedure stated that their self-confidence levels were much higher after their surgery than before. Patients also rated their quality of life as improved compared to before their surgery.

The popular plastic surgery rating site RealSelf asked women to rate their sex lives before and after their breast augmentation. Over 70 percent of women answered that their sex life had improved following their breast implants, with 61 percent adding that they have more sex now than before. Breast augmentation on the RealSelf site is given an 84 percent “Worth It” rating by members, indicating that 84 percent of women feel their procedure was well worth the decision.

Getting Great Results

On the surface, breast augmentation simply seems to improve the size and shape of women’s breasts. When more factors are considered, however, breast enhancement is about far more than just physical changes.

This is not to say that breast enhancement is a cure-all. If women are stuck in an unhappy relationship, or at a job they don’t enjoy, plastic surgery isn’t likely to change those things. However, feeling more confident after breast enhancement may give them the push they need to make similarly positive changes in other aspects of their lives, like in their jobs and their relationships, leading to a better life overall.

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