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Breast Augmentation with Nipple Correction

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Are you wondering what will happen to your nipples after breast augmentation? Well, not all women have issues with their nipples before breast augmentation surgery. But the shape, size, and position of the nipple and areola tissue has an immense impact on the aesthetics and appearance of the breasts, and most problems with the shape or position of these tissues can be corrected at the same time as your breast implant surgery.

Breast augmentation with nipple correction can address nipple size and position issues in a few ways. In some cases, direct manipulation of the nipple tissue isn’t necessary at all, because the outward pressure of the implant stretches the breast tissues slightly, causing the nipple and areola to adjust to the breast volume and match the new breast shape in the process.

However, some patients with more serious unevenness resulting from genetics or previous surgery will need to undergo nipple correction to ensure that their results look balanced. Two of the most common concerns we can correct surgically:

  1. Correcting inverted nipples: Often, the implants alone are enough to correct abnormally small/inverted nipples or areolas, but in some cases the surgeon will reposition a small amount of breast tissue behind the areola to add a slight amount of extra pressure to encourage the tissues to take on a more normal position.
  2. Reducing & repositioning large areolas: For women that worry about the size of the areolar complex, a combination lift and augmentation makes it relatively straightforward to correct this issue by removing some areola tissue along with normal breast tissue, tightening and lifting the breast surface in the process.

Asymmetrical nipples, another common problem, can also be corrected with the help of a combination of techniques. For example, the surgeon may lift one breast to make the areolar complex smaller and augment the other breast to give a symmetrical result. The procedure helps improve shape, size, and position of the nipples.

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