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Breast Augmentation: What about Your Nipples?

It’s an issue that women often worry about, yet is rarely discussed: how are your nipples affected during breast augmentation? Will they stay in the same place? Will they look the same? These questions are perfectly normal, even if the answers seem hard to find.

It’s important to know that if you’re happy with your nipples right now, there’s no reason you should expect to see significant changes in shape, size or placement after your breast augmentation. However, for women who have concerns over their nipple appearance, including correction at the same time as your augmentation is certainly possible.

Options for Nipple Correction

There are a few common nipple issues that can be easily addressed with cosmetic surgery:

  • Inverted nipples turn inward rather than outward, and can cause complications when breastfeeding.
  • Enlarged nipples and areolas are commonly seen in women with large or droopy breasts, as the weight of the breast tissue causes the areolas to enlarge.
  • Puffy nipples are often seen in women with tuberous breasts, and develop as a result of constricted breast tissue growth that pushes into the nipple area instead of rounding and softening outward.

The appearance of your nipple is important to the overall aesthetic of your breasts, as the nipple and areola are central breast features. Although your nipples shouldn’t be impacted by your breast augmentation, steps can be taken during surgery to improve the look of nipples or areola if they make you feel self-conscious. Nipple correction can also be performed as a solo procedure in women who aren’t interested in undergoing additional breast enhancement.

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