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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: Understanding the Risks

Breast Lift from Implants

No reputable cosmetic surgeon will perform a surgical procedure without a full consultation beforehand. At my practice in Tampa, breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures, and one of the procedures with the highest degree of patient concern. Anyone who is considering breast augmentation should understand the risks, and undergo the proper pre-surgery and post-surgery preparations in order to mitigate complications and achieve the best possible outcome.

Listen to Your Doctor

Any surgery, no matter how minor, can pose risks—even outpatient procedures can result in infections. After your surgical procedure, make sure you follow the instructions we provide to the letter, even when you feel fine and you seem to have healed. I can’t tell you how often Tampa breast augmentation patients will ditch their post-surgical care routine because they feel better and think they are healed. It’s not worth rushing your recovery – a few extra days of following instructions will help you feel happy about your augmentation results for years to come.

Mitigate Stress

Family issues, workplace anxiety and daily stressors cannot be avoided completely, but they can be managed. Anxiety can lower the immune response, which can lead to infections and complications during the healing process, so it is critical that you do your best to keep your stress down to a minimum, or have solutions in place that can help you cope.

Understand the Procedure

For optimum breast augmentation results, it is important to understand all of your options, and how your individual circumstances (body type, breast shape) might influence your choices and results. Try to remember that breast enhancement should only enhance your natural appearance and give your body shape improved proportion and symmetry—if you are looking for ‘perfection,’ you will almost certainly be disappointed.

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