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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation for Younger Women

Breast Augmentation

There is no doubt that breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for younger women. But how young is too young? Age-wise, the answer is very clear – the FDA approves the cosmetic use of saline implants only for women over the age of 18, and women must be at least 22 in order to choose silicone gel implants. But even at these ages, a woman’s maturity plays a big role in my determination of whether breast augmentation is an appropriate choice.

Maturity Levels

There are two aspects of maturity – physical and emotional. Since cosmetic procedures rely on aesthetics for the optimum outcome, it’s important to wait until full physical growth has been achieved before performing a cosmetic procedure. A young woman is not old enough for augmentation until she has stopped developing completely. Generally, this is by the time she is 18, but that’s not always the case.

Physical maturity is just one consideration. My San Diego breast augmentation patients must have an appropriate level of emotional maturity and an understanding of how the procedure can affect their lives. It’s important to choose the surgery for the right reasons, and to make sure that it’s an informed decision which is not influenced by peer pressure or made impulsively. In my experience, delaying augmentation until an emotional maturity level is reached which is more conducive to a calm and rational decision is better for the patient.

The bottom line is that surgery of any kind is an adult decision, and younger patients often need guidance during the consultation to ensure that cosmetic surgery is really the right choice for their goals.

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