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BOTOX Treatments… for Your Hair??

botox hair treatment

Yep, you read that title right. And you probably have about a million questions running through your mind, especially if you’ve never heard of BOTOX hair treatments before. But rest assured that BOTOX for your hair actually a thing! Not only can BOTOX temporarily minimize wrinkles, but this popular beauty treatment can also revitalize your hair. Here’s everything you need to know about this groundbreaking trend, and how to get yourself in the loop either at home or in the salon!

How Do BOTOX Hair Treatments Work?

Hair BOTOX (still sounds strange, doesn’t it?) is a very simple procedure performed with a product containing essential natural ingredients that your hair loses over time, either from aging or constant overexposure to abrasive agents, such as harsh weather and other chemical hair products. Most commonly included in this cure-all formula is a mixture of vitamins and antioxidants, natural acids, proteins and collagen, as well as other healing agents, though the actual list of ingredients varies from brand to brand.

All these ingredients are combined to nourish and hydrate dry strands from within, fill in weak spots and holes caused by breakage on those strands, and prevent future damage by closing and strengthening the cuticles on your scalp from which your hair grows. BOTOX hair treatments are more thorough than regular conditioner, last longer than a hair mask and very often even have an overnight effect on the look and health of your hair!

The process to achieve this change is also simple, no injections required! Begin with a thorough scrubbing with sulfate-free shampoo to open your cuticles and clear away any dirt and dead skin particles that might prevent your hair from fully absorbing the product. Then section your hair into small and evenly-sized portions, and apply the product to your scalp and hair evenly and thoroughly, allowing it to remain for 45 minutes to absorb fully. Follow up with another sulfate-free wash and then carefully dry the hair with heated tools (a gentle blow-dry and/or straightener) to lock in the effects of the treatment. It’s that easy.

After your BOTOX hair treatment, you should be able to enjoy fuller, shinier, healthier hair for the next 2 to 4 months before your next treatment. Are you excited yet?

Where to Go for This Magical Treatment

If you’re questioning whether hair BOTOX is right for you, please be aware that this external treatment should be safe and effective for all hair types. So if you do notice that your hair has been looking excessively dry, dull or frizzy lately, or if you’ve been saving up your split ends and breakage for a rainy-day trip to the salon, then seriously consider BOTOX for your hair (which will just never stop sounding strange).

How you choose to have your BOTOX hair treatment done is entirely up to you, however, since you can either request it be done by a professional, or you can choose from several brands to take home and apply yourself. Only BOTOX your strands on your own if you have plenty of DIY experience with your hair, since the process requires a level of detail and thoroughness that should not be attempted if you’re not 100% comfortable with working on your own head.

If you are, then grab your box, break out the instructions and BOTOX away, making sure that you have that special shampoo to wash with before and after your treatment. But if you’re even a little timid, then don’t be afraid to seek out a professional! This technique might not be common enough yet that your favorite salon will offer it, but it doesn’t hurt to call around to see which facilities nearby could be able to help you with this request.

How Much Does Hair BOTOX Cost?

The bottom line is an important question for anyone and everyone, especially if you regularly beautify on a budget. The quality at-home BOTOX hair treatment products range from $75 to $150, so it’s fair to say that this isn’t exactly the most affordable way to liven up your strands. But from what I’ve found, it’s the only kind of product that took my fine, less-than-manageable waves and made them shiny, perky and styling-obedient. So if you need a personal recommendation to convince you, I can honestly say that putting BOTOX in my hair was totally worth it, if for no other reason than the confidence boost.

Salon prices for BOTOX hair treatments will obviously vary, and are likely more expensive than the box you’d buy to do at home. But again, if you’re not comfortable doing it on your own, the most effective way to determine where you’ll be going and whether it’s within your budget is to make a few calls to the hair care businesses in your area.

Are You Ready to BOTOX Your Hair?

Now you know what a BOTOX hair treatment is, how it’s done, where to go and how much it might cost you – the only thing you don’t know is exactly how great of an impact BOTOX could have on your hair. Let’s help this trend get fully up and running so that everyone knows just how easy it is to have healthier, stronger more beautiful hair!

BOTOX Treatments... for Your Hair??
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BOTOX Treatments... for Your Hair??
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