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Better Body Sculpting with Micro Lipo

los-angeles-lipoThe majority of plastic surgeons definitely lean toward tumescent liposuction for the best and most consistent body sculpting results. Yet, one type of tumescent lipo offers even more precision: micro liposuction. With micro liposuction, surgeons are able to achieve better contours with fewer irregularities for the smoother, slimmer look you deserve.

Smaller Instruments for Greater Precision

All tumescent liposuction works in essentially the same way: by saturating the target area with tumescent fluid to loosen the fat cells, then aspirating them with gentle suction to leave behind slimmer contours. This is done with the use of a cannula, a hollow surgical tube. Cannulae come in a wide variety of diameters; typically, the larger cannulae are used to remove greater amounts of fat more rapidly than smaller cannulae.

Like traditional liposuction, micro lipo is performed using tumescent fluid and a cannula. However, the cannulae used in micro liposuction are noticeably smaller; the largest is no more than 3 mm, and a smaller cannula around 1.5 mm is very typical for micro lipo.

Using a smaller set of instruments during surgery means that your surgeon is able to achieve results with more precision. A less experienced surgeon using a larger cannula can sometimes inadvertently remove too much fat, or remove it unevenly. This leaves behind high spots and dimples rather than the smooth contours that are the goal of any body sculpting procedure. Additionally, micro lipo is ideal for areas that are more challenging to treat with larger cannulae, like the face, neck or chin.

Although surgical skill should be the number one priority to look for when weighing your liposuction options, a surgeon who performs micro liposuction is able to create more precise body contours during surgery.

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