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Best Hair Trends from the Eighties to Rock This Spring

When we think of the ‘80s, teased, over-the-top hair, leotards paired with leg warmers and bright neon colors are some of the first things that come to mind. And while some of these extreme decade trends might be better off left in the eighties, other fashion fads from this era have become popular once again, especially when it comes to fun and chic hairstyle trends. So, if you want to upgrade your look this spring, here are some of the best and most gorgeous hair trends revived from the ‘80s that are definitely worth trying out this year:

The Reinvented Perm

The defining look of the ‘80s was thick and luscious hair, and getting a professional perm was the most popular way to achieve it. However, instead of the tightly coiled locks we used to see on our favorite pop stars like Cher and Madonna, the 21st century brought a new, reinvented look to this iconic ‘do. This year, the emphasis is put mainly on the health and the shine of the curls, with most people opting for beach wave inspired perms, and more relaxed and subdued versions of the big and bouncy eighties’ curls we all know and love.

Cute Curly Bangs

Although the 1980s were filled with different fringe styles, it was the permed bangs that made the biggest impact. Having a shape uniquely their own and barely blending in with the rest of the hairstyle, this fringe was worn short, coily, and teased as much as possible. This spring, the curly fringe is still in, although in a more subtle and understated way. Whether it’s a perm or a natural hair texture, curly bangs are mostly paired with relaxed round afros, in order to frame the face in a flattering way, and give a new meaning to this ever-popular hairstyle.

Voluminous High Ponytails

As everything was big in the eighties, so were the ponytail styles. Positioned as high on the head as possible, and teased a bit for added volume, the ponytails were long, thick and luxurious, and they’re still worn the same today, as witnessed by celebrities such as Karlie Kloss and Beyoncé. But even though this stylish hairstyle might be made easily, the true impact is added with length, volume and dimension. So, if you don’t have hair that is long or thick enough to achieve this gorgeous ponytail, opt for luscious and long clip in hair extensions that will add the necessary volume and fullness to your hair for that perfect ponytail look.

Chic Crimped Waves

In recent seasons, everyone from Ariana Grande to Stella McCartney runway models were seen in an iteration of this typical ‘80s crimped hairstyle. Whether it’s worn in a sleek style with soft and subtle waves or combed back into a messy ‘bed head’ look, crimped strands can give a completely unique and bold texture to the hair. As a crimping tool gives you much more freedom to play with different hairstyles, another good idea would be to opt for only a couple of crimped waves throughout your hair, to add volume and texture that beautifully frames your face.

Bold Asymmetrical Cuts

From the highly popular and equally questionable mullet to the wide variety of chic short hairstyles, asymmetrical cuts were a staple part of the 1980s, and they’re slowly starting to make their way into the mainstream once again. Whether it’s a purposefully uneven pixie cut or a mini-bang paired with long layers, any asymmetrical style you can think of is bound to be a big hit this spring. However, if you’re not ready to cut your hair just yet, but would love to try this fashionable trend out, you could always flip your hair over at a deep part to create the illusion of an asymmetrical hairstyle.

Scrunchies and Headbands

Another staple part of the ‘80s look, eye-catching scrunchies are still as popular as ever today. Although mostly in more subtle and neutral colors, instead of the flashy neon, scrunchies can adorn anything from a messy bun to a sleek high ponytail. Of course, no eighties hairstyle could be complete without a statement headband either, and they’re seemingly bigger than ever before this year. Whether you opt for silk or velvet, plain or printed, dainty or oversized, or one decorated with gems or pearls, headbands are the perfect accessory to pull any chic outfit together this spring.

The decade that truly helped us promote unique freedom of expression and simply having a good time is finally back, and these revived eighties hair trends are bound to make you stand out from the crowd in 2020.

Best Hair Trends from the Eighties to Rock This Spring
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Best Hair Trends from the Eighties to Rock This Spring
If you want to upgrade your look this spring, here are some of the most gorgeous hair trends revived from the ‘80s that are definitely worth trying out.
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