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Breast Reconstruction

Benefits of Reconstructive Surgery

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Thousands of Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Fortunately, odds of beating this terrifying illness are quite good, with an 89 percent five-year survival rate. Early detection, followed by surgery and chemotherapy, works very well to stop most breast cancer cases in their tracks.

What this means, however, is that thousands of Australian women are faced with the life-altering reality of a body that looks drastically different than it did before their cancer diagnosis. Although grateful for recovery and health, many women feel less attractive and feminine after breast cancer surgery, particularly a full or partial mastectomy.

Benefits of Reconstructive Surgery

A consultation with a highly qualified specialist cosmetic surgeon is designed to help you restore your appearance to a more attractive and feminine state. Although reconstructive surgery is most often performed at the same time as mastectomy and radiation therapy, you may be referred to a specialist after the fact. Some reasons that reconstructive surgery may be delayed include the woman’s own choice to wait until after dealing with the cancer itself; needing to quit smoking to improve treatment success; obesity or extreme underweight; and risk of tissue death.

Some of the reasons that many women prefer to choose reconstructive surgery following breast cancer include the following:

  • To look better in a bra or swim suit
  • To feel more like themselves
  • To avoid having to use an external prosthesis to balance their shape in a bra
  • To feel more attractive and feminine

What to Expect from Your Cosmetic Surgeon

During your consultation, you can expect to receive personalized attention from the surgeon as he uses his expertise to determine the most appropriate treatment goals. The cosmetic surgeon specialist will help you to choose the most natural looking breasts that will be well-proportioned for your size and shape.

Outcomes of Reconstructive Surgery

Surgery may be performed using silicone or saline implants or by using the patient’s own abdominal tissue. The latter option is more likely to cause increased scarring. Implants may be a better option for high risk patients because the implant can just be removed in the case of poor tolerance to the material.

High risk patients need to discuss their unique situations with their cosmetic surgeon, as well as the best ways to deal with the issues. In many cases, even high risk patients can still successfully undergo reconstructive surgery with the right preparation and precautions.

Breast cancer is an understandably traumatic experience for most women. However, there’s no reason to delay returning to a happy, healthier version of yourself.  Take the next step in your healing journey by consulting with a highly qualified and specialist cosmetic surgeon.

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