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Benefits of Micro Liposuction

Best Liposuction Approach

When I perform liposuction at my Beverly Hills practice, I love to tell my patients about the benefits of using micro liposuction techniques over traditional methods.

Less Invasive, Better Results

While liposuction is already considered less invasive than more involved cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks, micro liposuction takes this definition even further. Only very tiny incisions are needed when using the type of fine-diameter cannula that’s used in micro liposuction, which is much smaller than a standard cannula. This means less trauma to your body, and leaves scars that are only about the same size as a large freckle.

A small instrument doesn’t mean less obvious results, though. In fact, quite the contrary. Micro liposuction allows a level of precision that simply isn’t possible with other liposuction techniques, gently sculpting away even subtle fat deposits for a slimmer, leaner look with less healing time and faster recovery. Larger cannulas run the risk of leaving rippled, lumpy results due to uneven fat removal in channels. Micro liposuction delivers smoother results, because it gives me a greater level of control over the process.

Your Best Body

We’re all familiar with the struggles of diet and exercise not delivering the body that you’re trying to achieve. In Los Angeles, the emphasis on appearance is only heightened by the entertainment industry connections in the area; looking your best is a career necessity more than a personal preference. Cosmetic surgery that’s minimally invasive yet delivers outstanding results, like micro liposuction, is the perfect solution for bringing out the best in your body.

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