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Beauty Trends for Men – What’s New in 2020?

Beauty Trends for Men

Men traditionally don’t care about being well-groomed, smooth-skinned, and beautiful in general, but all that is rapidly changing. Trends show that many products will soon be marketed without gender restrictions, like feminine packaging, so men can use fragrances, skincare products, and other cosmetics.

Furthermore, the market for male cosmetics is rapidly expanding. More major cosmetic companies are creating products specifically for men, including anti-aging creams, facial cleansers, and other quintessential beauty staples.

Discover four major trends that are changing the face of beauty treatments for men throughout the world.

Men’s Online Beauty Retailers Grow in Popularity

While brick-and-mortar stores are showing growth as well, the success of online cosmetic brands like Dollar Shave Club can’t be understated. Popular examples of online brands that are growing rapidly in 2020 include:

  • Dollar Beard Club
  • Birchbox
  • Wet Shave Club
  • Bevel
  • Harry’s
  • Dollar Shave Club

What are the Benefits of Buying Online?

The obvious benefit of buying beauty products online is anonymity. There’s no need to go to a store and walk through the makeup or skincare aisles to find the exact item you need. You can simply order it directly from the source and have it delivered to your house.

The other key benefit is that it takes a lot of effort out of the shopping experience. In the case of brands like Dollar Shave Club, you subscribe to the service one time, and then they deliver your razors every month. This saves valuable time in going to the store and shopping.

The disadvantage in ordering online is you don’t get that up-close experience of viewing the product in person. But with savings in time, effort, and sometimes money, it’s no surprise that online cosmetic retailers continue to grow in popularity.

New Make-up Options for Men

While rock stars and TV personalities have been wearing makeup for years, it’s long been too controversial and feminine for the average man. Some major brands are seeking to change that.

Men’s Concealer by Tom Ford

Available in three colors for around opens in a new window$45, Tom Ford is one of the first companies to offer a concealer marketed specifically for men. The colors are simple and earthy – perfect for hiding a wide variety of blemishes, acne scars, and other imperfections on the face.

Manly Cosmetic Products by War Paint

War Paint is a brand that’s going all-in on the make-up for men fashion trend. With packaging that’s black and sleek, opens in a new windowWar Paint offers concealer, bronzer, anti-shine powder, and a variety of other cosmetics designed for men.

Priced affordably and featured in magazines like Glamour, Men’s Health, and Cosmopolitan, these products by War Paint are leading the charge in making makeup for men cool, popular, and commonplace.

All-Natural and Spa-Inspired Dental Services

If you run a dental office, it’s a constant challenge to make your practice, people, and amenities as appealing as possible, since dentistry, by nature, isn’t fun for most people. This manifests in various ways, including:

Dentists Who Offer a Spa Experience

Every man has to make it to the dentist to keep one of their greatest assets looking its best: his smile. opens in a new windowDr. Arzu Ersoy has made that experience much more pleasurable by providing a Dental Spa for his patients in Panama City. This includes an elegant waiting room, massage chairs, paraffin wax treatments, and other amenities that keep patients relaxed before their appointments.

Botox at the Dental Office

Another way dentists are delving deeper into the field of cosmetics is by providing services traditionally found in a med spa, including Botox. Dr. Michelle Taylor offers opens in a new windowesthetic services that include injectable treatments.

One doctor who’s taking his cosmetic services to the next level is Dr. Mark Rangel. Going beyond standard Botox treatments, Dr. Rangel provides laser-based esthetic treatments, such as opens in a new windowSmoothLase® and LipLase®. These are valuable options for men who may want cosmetic treatments in a medical setting rather than a med spa.

Emphasis on Natural Dental Products

If you haven’t heard of biological dentistry, it’s a variation where only non-metal tools and restorations are used. Additionally, it promotes a sense of only using natural materials while considering the health of the overall individual, not just their mouth. opens in a new windowDr. Rebecca Steinbach practices this form of dentistry and it’s rising in popularity among those who care about avoiding potentially harmful materials.

Caffeine is Widely Used in Hair Care Products

Millions of Americans rely on caffeine each day in the form of coffee, tea, energy drinks, and other options, but did you know that it’s increasingly being used as an ingredient in hair products?

Does Caffeine Really Help Your Hair?

As it turns out, caffeine provides a variety of legitimate benefits for your hair, and one heavily pertains to men. Much like caffeine stimulates us when we drink it, it also has a stimulating effect on our hair roots. This means it fortifies your hair, making it softer and stronger.

Plus, caffeine is excellent for preventing hair loss, which is a challenge that faces millions of men. To add caffeine to your hair care regimen, simply find one of the brands that includes it, like Curl Junkie Coffee Cream, which is available at an affordable price of opens in a new window$24.

How Will You Improve Your Look in 2020?

With all the new trends available it begs the question – which of them are best for you? By exploring and finding the cosmetic treatments and products that improve your attractiveness, you can discover new ways to optimize your look and take your aesthetics to the next level.

Beauty Trends for Men - What's New in 2020?
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Beauty Trends for Men - What's New in 2020?
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