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Beauty Rituals From Around The World

Beauty Rituals

You wake up, stretch out, and begin your daily routine – choose your favorite face wash, look in the mirror, and start fixing up for the day. Maybe you have a special step that you’ve picked up along the way that’s like the cherry on top. Where did your routine originate? Does it have to do with your environment, or family secrets that have been passed down for generations?

Do you ever wonder what someone across the planet could be doing at the same time?

Humans have been around for quite some time, and as we’ve dispersed across the globe, we’ve created different “standards” of beauty and found unique ways to express ourselves. 

Let’s take a look at popular beauty treatments from around the world, from heat-of-the-moment trends to rituals that are tried and true. 

Self-Tanning in Ireland

With it’s lush landscapes, towering mountains and beautiful beaches, every season is gorgeous in Ireland. It happened to be third on the list of nations who had the hottest summer of 2019. With winters reaching freezing temperatures, it’s no wonder that Ireland’s beauty routine trend right now is self-tanning, a perfect solution for those who want to keep the sun going all year long! 

Although having fun in the sun is a treat, it can have adverse effects on the skin, like skin cancer and early aging – so lately, companies have been developing safe and effective formulas to give your body a golden glow, 365 days a year. 

Self-tanning has been around for a while, but nowadays formulas are so advanced, they blend seamlessly and give the shimmering-from-within glow Ireland is raving about. They come in mousse, spray, and lotion form and you can even get professional tans that look completely natural. 

Take a tip from the lads in Ireland and bronze up, winter or summer! 

Hot Springs in Japan

Japanese people are famous for their silky smooth complexion and love for tradition. With their beauty habits, history and modern technology are often intertwined, resulting in thoughtful beauty rituals.

In Japan, hot springs are visited frequently by locals and tourists alike to feel rejuvenated. Many hot springs infuse their water with green tea, coffee, or even sake (alcohol) to stimulate cell growth and promote soft, youthful skin. 

Imagine soaking in a hot bath, perpetually rising with steam, and hearing the sound of bubbling water nearby. Japan’s vast, unique landscape allows for natural hot springs that are plentiful with thermal water, richly infused with minerals from the earth. 

Natural hot springs are incredibly relaxing and healing, so much so that sometimes even the region’s wild animals, like monkeys and capybaras, join the tub! It’s not uncommon to spend an entire day, or even a few days, to rest and recuperate in hot springs. Meant for all ages, it’s a ritual that beautifies from within. 

Sun Bleaching in Brazil

Brazil is famous for its sparkling sandy beaches, perfect weather, and the land of stunning beauty icons. They appreciate their sun that shines year-round, and show their gratitude by spending much of their time outside, using its rays to feel good. 

Hair removal is a very popular routine for women and men around the world. But in Brazil, having peach fuzz, specifically golden, sun-lightened fuzz, is considered beautiful. If you’re out in the sun constantly, your hair might lighten naturally. To speed up the process, a popular routine for Brazilian people is massaging gentle bleaching cream onto their arms and legs and laying out in the sun – usually on a blanket on pearly white sand.

The cream works in tandem with the sun to lighten hair, adding a beautiful, soft, warm veil to the skin. When twenty minutes is up, they just hop in the ocean to wash it off! This ritual can be done on any typical day on the beach in beautiful, golden Brazil. 

Love Your Teeth Day in China 

How about a collective ritual? September 20th is China’s national “Love Your Teeth Day.” Established in the 1980s as a way to normalize visiting the dentist, on this day people are encouraged to make appointments for checkups, and take care of their teeth. The ambition was for people to not only improve their health, but to love their smiles and maintain good oral hygiene routines. 

In the U.S., it’s normal to visit your neighborhood dentists, like Dr. Adam Kruger every six months or at least twice a year. This unique campaign gave rise to dental hygiene and proved to be successful in helping Chinese communities feel more comfortable when visiting the dentist.

The mouth is responsible for so many functions, and when it’s in good shape, the rest of your body will be, too. It’s never a bad idea to invest in your smile and dental health. It can do so much for your confidence and well-being!

Ideas of Beauty From Around the World

It’s so fun to learn about different cultures and the way they see beauty. It can be inspiring to know how people will use their environments and traditions to craft these rituals too. 

We may perform our daily routines without knowing that they’re inspired from other parts of the world. Next time you wake up in the morning, consider that someone across the world is doing the ritual that makes them feel ready for the day!

Beauty Rituals From Around The World
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Beauty Rituals From Around The World
Get inspired by these beauty routines from all across the planet. You might be surprised at what is considered ideal in another country.
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