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Are Your Leggings Making You Long for Liposuction?

Woman in green sports bra and black legging doing leg lunges.

It’s a fact that can’t be disputed any longer: leggings are pants. No longer confined to the gym or under long sweaters, leggings have broken into the zeitgeist and have firmly staked themselves in modern culture as the legwear of choice for just about any occasion.

But could your love of leggings be leading to a longing for liposuction? And if so, what do you do about it? Looking good in your not-just-gym gear can be a major motivating factor, but it’s important to know your real reason for considering surgery and the liposuction benefits before you decide whether or not lipo is for you.

The Rise of Athleisure

Leggings and sports bras have moved out of the gym and into the “real world,” according to an article from the New York Post. But our bodies haven’t caught up with the times. More and more people are seeking surgical solutions to fit into their spandex uniforms. With the rise of athleisure culture has come a rise in liposuction as a means to sculpt and contour our bodies. Data from the U.K. indicates a 12 percent increase in liposuction procedures for women from 2017 to 2018.

Liposuction Benefits (and Limitations)

Liposuction can help you reach your body goals, but it’s important to understand its benefits and its limitations before you consider it your stretchy pants solution. Liposuction, first and foremost, is not a weight loss surgery. It’s not going to replace hours in the gym or a healthy diet. It won’t take you from a size 14 to a size 4. It’s not a healthy or viable option for people with large amounts of weight to lose.

Liposuction is, however, a great option for folks who are experiencing frustration with a few small areas of stubborn fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. It can help contour and balance your body to look and feel its best. Liposuction benefits can even include sculpting definition in your abdominals. The type of liposuction that’s right for you depends on your body and your goals.

Create Shape with 360˚ Liposuction

Pro Tip: combine 360˚ liposuction with a Brazilian butt lift for a silhouette made to show off in a pair of leggings.

360˚ liposuction takes a complete approach to contouring your midsection — the abdominals, back and waist. Unlike traditional liposuction that targets one particular area, 360˚ liposuction takes into consideration your full physique and addresses your entire torso.

Define Your Physique with VASER Hi Def® Lipo

If you’re more interested in sculpting abs than contouring your waistline, VASER Hi Def® liposuction could be the right choice for you. The VASER lipo system can help reveal the beautiful contours by using tissue-selective ultrasound technology to etch your muscles and define your abs. This type of liposuction is often referred to as “six pack lipo” or, plainly, “abdominal etching.” It targets the small layer of “pinchable” fat standing between you and a six pack. This technique can also be used on other parts of the body, however.

VASER Hi Def lipo is a great option for men and women who are already very close to or at their goal weight with a small amount of stubborn fat that isn’t responding to diet and exercise.

There’s no reason to fear your leggings in or outside of the gym. If you’re uncomfortable with how your body fits into the athleisure trend, consider liposuction to help you get across the goal line to your best body.


Are Your Leggings Making You Long for Liposuction?
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Are Your Leggings Making You Long for Liposuction?
Leggings got you down? Learn about liposuction benefits and how you can fit into your best gym gear with Dr. Gordon Andan of New York Surgical Arts in New York City.
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