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Are Silicone Implants Really Better?

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The numbers speak for themselves: 72 percent of women opted for silicone implants in 2013 over saline for their breast augmentations, and the popularity of gummy bear implants seems to be a good indicator that this percentage could rise even higher next year. Do these statistics mean that silicone implants are inherently better?

Silicone vs. Saline

Saline breast implants offer a few potential advantages over silicone. They can be inserted empty, which means the incision itself can be slightly smaller. This allows for more options when it comes to incision placement, and of course creates a slightly smaller scar. Saline breast implants are also a bit less expensive than silicone gel or gummy bear implant types.

However, silicone implants have their own set of advantages. The biggest benefit is that they look and feel more like natural breast tissue than saline implants. This can be especially true for gummy bear implants, which have raised the bar for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction alike. A natural look and feel is tops on women’s list when considering breast augmentation, so it make sense why this implant type has become so popular in recent years.

And the Winner Is…

The bottom line is that there isn’t one type of implant that’s inherently better than the other. Saline implants and silicone implants can both look very good for the right candidates. Some women prefer saline, while other women feel happier with silicone. The most important contributing factor to seeing natural-looking breast augmentation results is choosing a surgeon who knows which implant type, size and shape will help bring out the best in your body.

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