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Breast Implants

Are IDEAL IMPLANTS® Right for You?

Pink BrassiereChoosing the perfect breast implant can seem overwhelming for many women who are considering breast augmentation. Silicone implants have long been a popular choice for many women, but a newly-designed implant offers the safety of saline combined with many of the same benefits of silicone. Here’s how to know if the recently FDA approved IDEAL IMPLANT® may be right for you.

The Popularity of Silicone

The majority of women choose silicone over saline implants because the silicone implants can look and feel more like natural breasts. The silicone gel closely mimics real breast tissue, and the shell of silicone implants is less likely to produce visible rippling under the skin than saline implants.

How the IDEAL IMPLANT® Is Different

The IDEAL IMPLANT® is filled with saline, but its innovative design eliminates some of the common downsides of traditional saline implants. The implant is comprised of a series of nested shells that create smoother, more natural movement and reduce the likelihood of visible rippling. Additionally, this revolutionary shell gives the implant a softer feel, similar to silicone implants.

Safety and Leak Detection

Even though they look and feel more natural, silicone implants carry the potential for a silent rupture, which is a leak that’s undetectable from visual observation. Women with silicone implants are encouraged to have regular MRI scans to check the integrity of their implants. Because the IDEAL IMPLANT® is filled with saline, any leak or rupture can easily be detected, as the breast will noticeably deflate.

Another advantage of the IDEAL IMPLANT® is that there’s no need for MRI scans as part of their long-term maintenance. The IDEAL IMPLANT® can be a wonderful breast augmentation option for women who want the look and feel of silicone implants but are more comfortable with the idea of saline.

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