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Breast Augmentation

Are Breast Augmentation Scars Noticeable?

Many women have concerns about scars after breast augmentation surgery. While any surgical incision will leave a scar, there are a variety of steps that can be taken to minimize breast implant scars for a beautiful final result.

Use a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Your choice of plastic surgeon has a major impact on your scar appearance. Board certified plastic surgeons have the most advanced surgical skill when it comes to aesthetic procedures, including an in-depth understanding of how to properly close the skin to ensure optimal healing.

Handling Scars after Breast Augmentation

There are a variety of incision location options for placing implants, but each one aims to deliver a discreet final result.

  • The inframammary fold incision is hidden in the natural breast crease where the underside of the breast meets the chest wall. The lower curve of your breast should easily hide an inframammary incision.
  • A periareolar incision is placed just where the darker pigmented skin of your areola meets the lighter skin of your breast. This transition in color makes it hard to pick out a well-healed periareolar scar.
  • A transaxillary incision isn’t on the breast at all, but instead is placed in the underarm area, where it can only be seen if the arm is held in certain positions.

   Not every incision placement will work for every woman’s anatomy or preference of breast implant.

Be sure to discuss all available options with your plastic surgeon to determine which choice would be best for helping you meet your goals. Regardless of your incision placement, following your breast augmentation post-operative care directions precisely can decrease your risks of scarring.

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