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Are Anatomical Breast Implants Better?

When most of us consider the typical breast implants, we probably imagine round implant shells filled with either silicone or saline. While round implants can be a great option for many women, anatomical implants are also available, and may offer different advantages.

Teardrop Benefits

The benefits of anatomical implants, or teardrop implants, relate to how the implant fits in your body. Teardrop implant shells are larger at the bottom and taper towards the top to create a natural slope not found in round shells. This difference in shape more closely imitates the curves of the natural breast.

As round implants aren’t tapered, they can sometimes create upper breast fullness, which may not be the goal for every woman. The teardrop implants provide a great alternative for the women who want a subtle yet flattering breast enhancement.

Anatomical Implant Drawbacks

Despite their benefits, anatomical implants do have some shortcomings. Because the anatomical implant mirrors the shape of the breast, any rotation of the implant within the breast pocket can create an uneven or misshapen look.

To prevent this, the shell of a teardrop implant is often textured to make it less likely to move within the breast. Surgeons also try to prevent implant rotation by creating a precisely sized breast pocket specifically for the implant, which can raise the cost of the procedure and increase the time spent in surgery.

When comparing round and anatomical breast implants, it’s important to remember that there’s rarely one option that’s “better” than another—there’s only the option that will work better for you. Speaking with a qualified plastic surgeon can help you decide what implants will help you best meet your personal appearance goals.

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