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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Am I a Good Candidate for a Nose Job?

Nose Job

Rhinoplasty, often colloquially called a nose job, is a common procedure that changes the shape of the nose. Typically, patients consult a plastic surgeon regarding a rhinoplasty procedure because they’re unhappy with the look of their nose, and want to make a change.

If you’ve had a trauma to your nose, or are looking for reconstructive surgery following an injury or diagnosis of breathing issues, a rhinoplasty will help treat these conditions. While a desire to have a nose job based on health concerns or previous injury is a great topic on its own, this article will focus on patients who are seeking a nose job to correct an aesthetic issue.

In our changing times, a rhinoplasty for a more desired nose shape is a common procedure. While we’ll discuss what you’ll need to consider before talking about this procedure with a plastic surgeon, we will also discuss how makeup can also be effective as an option. Surgery may be the right choice for you, but it isn’t the only choice. Let’s discuss a few major factors!

Factors to Keep in Mind While Exploring a Rhinoplasty Procedure

During the initial exploration process, you should talk with a few different plastic surgeons to try and find the one that’s right for you. Like perhaps your family doctor, it’s encouraged to find a plastic surgeon who you feel creates a dialogue or conversation. They should also understand exactly what you’re looking to change, and if possible, even empathize with why you’re looking into getting a rhinoplasty.

Much like how you’re evaluating a doctor for understanding, experience and credentials during these consultations, your doctor will also evaluate you to decide whether you’re a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Here are some of the factors that they’ll be taking into account:


A rhinoplasty should never be undertaken before the patient has reached the age of physical maturity. Before this time, the body is still changing, so altering the nose too early could cause more harm than good.

While physical maturity will be one item under review, the patient also must demonstrate emotional maturity. The surgeon will want to know that they’re choosing to undergo this procedure for the right reasons, as well as understanding if they will be comfortable with the healing process, downtime and also have clarity on what elective surgery means. Despite even having one of the most skilled surgeons performing the procedure, a patient should understand what could happen if there are complications.


Speaking of surgery and avoiding complications, a plastic surgeon will want to see that the patient is in good physical health, and can cope with the physical stress of a surgical procedure. Older patients who want to undergo rhinoplasty may be advised against it if their skin is too loose, or if their body will take too long to recover from bruising. Or, if they have other health problems that make elective surgery a more dangerous option.

During your initial appointments with your surgeon, they’ll review your complete medical history, to determine whether you’re healthy enough to undergo the procedure. They should be thorough and be able to confidently give you the go-ahead for surgery if they feel you’re a good candidate.


As mentioned above, a skilled surgeon will want to ensure your self-image is also in line with going under the knife. Another important aspect of the initial consultation with a surgeon is the psychological examination. Your surgeon will want to ensure that you’re undergoing this surgery for the right reasons and don’t have an unhealthy or unrealistic body image issue that will get in the way of your recovery.

While one may feel that rhinoplasty can help provide a more confident appearance, this shouldn’t be the only reason to go under the knife. A person should never undergo rhinoplasty because of self-esteem issues, or a lack of body confidence.

Realistic Expectations

Again, elective surgery is something that should be discussed with doctors, close family, and yourself before undergoing. Despite a skilled doctor with the best credentials showing the best probability for the best results, there is still always a risk.

When evaluating potential patients during a rhinoplasty consultation, your doctor will be looking to make sure that you’re going into the procedure with realistic expectations. They should discuss the final appearance of your nose in depth before the surgery date. Ideally, they’ll be able to use digital or computer imaging to illustrate the final look of your nose.

Patients who are going in with unrealistic expectations, or hoping that changing their nose will suddenly give them more confidence and poise are often disappointed by the final results. But again, the right doctor will screen patients who have these unrealistic expectations in order to avoid this from happening.

The Power of Makeup

While a rhinoplasty may be a great option for many, it isn’t the only option. Shifts in our culture and the power of media and celebrities make going under the knife much more acceptable. However, it’s still not an easy decision. Based on how you may want to minimize (or maximize) your nose shape, there are many how-tos to do this online.

Nose contouring is a makeup trend that gained popularity as it allows everyone to play with their face shape, undermine their weaker features, or highlight some of their strongest parts of their face structure. We’ve summarized a few of these tricks below:

Thinner Nose

Contouring your nose with makeup to make a wider nose look thinner is one option. After applying your foundation, use an angled brush and begin at the brow bone to draw two lines down the side of your nose. A darker foundation or concealer, or a contour kit is a perfect product to do this. Just remember to blend in the lines until the darker foundation starts to look like a shadow. This will give the illusion of a thinner nose bridge.

Minimizing a Curved Nose Bridge

Many individuals will go under the knife to alter a curve in their nose bridge, but contouring can also adjust this. With a foundation or concealer a few shades darker than your base foundation, apply a thin, thin line down the bridge of your nose. Then, blend in. Depending on how wide the bottom of your nose is, be careful how far the line goes, as you don’t want to make your nose look wider.

A Straighter Nose

Again, an angled brush and a darker shade foundation will be your friend. For a straighter nose appearance, start at your brows and draw straight lines down the side of your nose. In order to ensure the shadowing looks connected, continue the lines beneath the bottom of your nose (just between the nostrils), and blend it in!

Make Your Nose Look Longer (or Shorter)

Depending on your face shape, sometimes adding makeup to extend a nose is the desired effect, To do this, contour starting at the brow bone, but shade the line at the curve of the brow bone and work all the way down to the tip in a straight line.

For a way to make your nose look shorter, darken the tip of your nose, apply a matte bronzer or eyeshadow to the tip of your nose and blend!


While contouring is a great option, you can also use makeup to strengthen your other great facial features. Do you have strong eyebrows or great eyelashes? Perhaps a signature eye makeup look can also be something to consider. Highlighting strong cheekbones, or even investing in other skin beauty treatments could provide a glow or allure you may not have thought about during your research.

Other Beauty Treatments

Speaking of other treatments, researching a great dermatologist, esthetician, or a spa specialist could also be great. In fact, a plastic surgeon might also be able to discuss how fillers for facial changes could achieve what you may be looking for in a rhinoplasty.

Or, if you want to highlight your beautiful eyelashes, looking into eyelash tinting or extensions. For brows: maybe micro-blading? There are many ways to boost confidence with makeup and advanced facial treatments.

Making the Decision to Undergo a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Making the decision to undergo a nose job for cosmetic reasons should never be taken lightly. Everyone has a distinct face, and your plastic surgeon should work with you to create a nose that’s as unique as you are. Also, playing with makeup is a trick you should use; not only if you want to avoid surgery, but even to test out what type of nose is the most flattering—if you do decide to go under the knife.

Looking for the best clinics for rhinoplasty in Toronto takes some effort, but you should feel confident about your final choice. When you’re taking initial consultations with different plastic surgeons, ask to see their gallery of rhinoplasty before and after photos. They should demonstrate experience working with people with similar facial structures. This is the best way to tell whether they offer enough expertise to work on your face.

There are many doctors offering some of the best rhinoplasty in Toronto, but ultimately, you need to find the doctor that makes you feel the most comfortable. Having confidence in your surgeon is key to your satisfaction post-operation.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Nose Job?
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Am I a Good Candidate for a Nose Job?
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