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Advantages of a Mid Face Lift

For many men and women throughout the Detroit area, face lift surgery offers a chance to reduce the signs of aging throughout the lower face and neck area. Yet, the majority of people notice the first signs of aging in the mid face, not the lower face. As a result, many cosmetic surgeons are now offering a procedure, called the mid face lift, specifically aimed at targeting early signs right where they first appear.

What Is a Mid Face Lift?

If you drew one line down from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the mouth, and a second vertical line from the outer eye to the mouth, the resulting triangle would be the mid face. This area includes the nasolabial folds and the cheekbones as well as the under eye area.

Deepening nasolabial folds and volume loss under the cheekbones are some of the first indicators of growing older. This occurs due to a combination of collagen loss and the effect of gravity as it pulls down on the skin and muscles. To have an idea of the benefits that a mid facelift could bring about in your own face, you can place the tips of your fingers just under the outer corner of the eye at cheekbone-height and pull gently upward. The effect should look very subtle and natural, yet visibly improve nasolabial folds and enhance fullness in the cheeks.

A Less Invasive Solution to Aging

In addition to reducing the signs of aging where they’re most apparent, a mid face lift is also much less invasive than a traditional facelift. Incisions are smaller, and your surgeon will need fewer of them as well. A less involved surgery means a lowered risk of side effects for patients. General anesthesia is the riskiest part of any major surgery, even cosmetic procedures, and a lighter anesthesia is possible with a shorter surgery. This often makes the mid face lift a less expensive alternative to a traditional facelift as well, because of reduced anesthesia fees.

All these qualities add up to a much faster recovery time following a mid face lift compared to a full facelift. A mid face lift is also a surgery that’s ideal for combining with additional procedures for more comprehensive results. Eyelid surgery, either upper or lower, is often included with a mid face lift to bring out the best in both surgeries and leave you looking younger and more refreshed. Other options include incorporating facial implants at the cheekbones to add more definition and volume through the mid face, helping the whole area look fuller and more youthful.

Natural Results

Some patients are reluctant to commit to a traditional facelift procedure because they’re worried about looking too “done.” Since the mid face lift lifts the tissues upward instead of back toward the ears, that tight or stretched look that’s sometimes associated with a poorly performed traditional facelift is no longer a concern.

Unless you have significantly lax or hanging skin in the jowl and neck area, full facelift surgery might not be your best option. If you have more concerns about increased hollowness under the cheekbones, deep nasolabial wrinkles and general loss of definition throughout the mid face, check with your surgeon to see whether the mid face lift might be right for you.

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