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A Manly Makeover – A Day of Treatments For You and Your Bros

Manly Makeover

When you think of cosmetic treatments that improve your appearance, women sitting in chairs and socializing while getting their manicures probably comes to mind. But you may be surprised that industry experts estimate that the amount of men engaging in these services is expected to rise from 10% to 30% in the coming decade.

This upswing in men’s interest in looking their best begs a question– what does an ideal day of men treating themselves to improve their attractiveness look like? Considering that men ages 18-34 are most likely to try a beauty treatment, there are numerous options that appeal to millennials and other men who are secure enough to invest in their appearance.

What Are Men’s Biggest Beauty Concerns?

While every person is an individual, there’s no denying that men typically have different concerns than women when it comes to optimal beauty treatments. For example, men stereotypically care less about their fingernails and more about their muscles than most women. With different aesthetic concerns, the procedures that appeal to men will be unique and may differ wildly from the treatments that women typically opt for. Here are some of the biggest beauty concerns that men care about:

  • Weight Loss and Fitness
  • Tanning
  • Hiding Acne Scars and Improving Facial Appearance
  • Building Attractive Muscles
  • Cool Hair
  • White, Healthy, Smile
  • Anti-aging Procedures

A Day for You and Your Bros to Look Your Best

Traditionally, a day of hanging with your male friends may consist of a trip to a sports bar, hitting your favorite local pizza place, or ending up at a club or some other fun situation as the sun goes down. However, with a little planning and the right friends, you can treat yourselves to a series of experiences that will vastly improve your looks– and the women in your lives will notice. Explore this vision for a day that will help you and your buddies look your absolute best.

Start the Day with an Early Morning Workout

There are few better feelings in the world than getting up early for a tough workout and realizing you have the whole day ahead of you afterward. Not only is the sense of accomplishment you feel off the charts, but beginning the day with a tough workout will help your face look slim, your body will feel tight, and it’ll do a lot to enhance your overall look. Plus, after your post-workout shower, you’ll feel relaxed enough to enjoy the beauty treatments you have planned for the day.

Ideas for an Exhilarating Morning Workout

While logistics and location will play a role in the early morning workouts that are available to you, these ideas are widely available in most cities, and many fitness places offer early classes to accommodate those who want to get their workout in before work.

  • Use Groupon to try a new Kickboxing, Yoga, or Boot Camp class.
  • Plan an early trial class at a local CrossFit studio.
  • Take an introductory martial arts class or schedule a private lesson.
  • Simply start with a 30-minute jog on a local beach or park.
  • Try a sport you can all play, like racquetball, tennis, or basketball.
  • Attend a hardcore fitness class, like cardio-kickboxing or a spin class.

Continue On to the Tanning Salon or Beach to Get Some Color

No guy wants to be any more pale than they have to be, and having a nice, golden tan is a health indicator that people notice. Note that a nearby beach on a sunny day is a better option than the tanning salon, but if you don’t have access to perfect natural conditions, tanning beds are reliable ways to get a full-body tan in a short time. Either way, after starting the day with a grueling workout, it’ll feel great to chill on your back for an hour or two as the UV rays do all the work.

Tips for a Successful Trip to the Tanning Salon

If it’s your first time in a tanning bed, you’re probably ready to just show up and jump in, but it’s best to follow a few precautions first to ensure a fun and relaxing experience.

  • It’s important to wear not only sunscreen but also lip balm while tanning.
  • If tanning nude, remember to cover the areas that aren’t typically exposed to the sun.
  • Wearing protective eyewear is so important, it’s required by law.
  • Double-check that you’re not on medications that make you sensitive to the sun.
  • Plan ahead to make sure beds are available for your whole party.

Head to Your Local Dentist for a Quick Sealant or Whitening Treatment

Now that you’re tan and fatigued, the next step on your manly beauty journey is to perfect your smile. A recent study showed that 71% of women consider the smile the most attractive trait in a man, so showing some love to your smile is well-worth the effort. Here’s the lowdown on two procedures you and your friends can get that can make a major difference without taking up the entire afternoon:

Teeth Whitening – Up to 8-shades whiter in about an hour

This isn’t to be confused with the many whitening strips and other products you can find at your local drug store. Professional whitening treatments are only provided by dentists who provide cosmetic treatments, such as Dr. Anne Royzman of West Palm Beach, Florida. The whole experience is low-stress and relaxing, and after about an hour or so, you’ll already begin to notice a whiter, more attractive smile.

Dental Sealants – Provide protection for your teeth to prevent cavities and decay

If one or more members of your party already has a white smile and has no interest in whitening it further, another quick, effective treatment they could get is dental sealants. This involves applying a clear, plastic resin to your teeth that quickly hardens, ultimately preventing plaque and decay from penetrating into their nooks and crevices. In addition to being quick and affordable, this preventative treatment will keep your smile bright for a long time to come.

Moving on to a Late Lunch at the Healthiest Place Possible

The old adage of “You are what you eat” is 100% true, and so the next stop on your day of health and beauty is a lunch that any nutritionist would be proud of. In recent years, a lot of restaurants have started including a healthy menu, and entire franchises have become dedicated to serving vegan, keto, and other healthy types of cuisine. If you live near a major city or have a local healthy option, a lunch where you and your friends try to stay as healthy as possible is the perfect complement to your beauty day– even if you’re normally used to burgers and bar food.

Five Restaurants that Specialize in Fresh, Healthy Foods

If you don’t happen to have one of these trendy, health-centric restaurants nearby, then simply checking online to see which options near you have a healthy menu will suffice. Nonetheless, restaurants like these are redefining the way people eat out and trying one may open your mind to more healthy diet choices in the future.

Lyfe Kitchen

Tender Greens

Protein Bar & Kitchen


Seasons 52

Finish the Day In the Most Relaxing Way – Float Tank Therapy

Over 70% of Americans experience negative symptoms as a result of being overstressed. The parallels between beauty and a calm, relaxed demeanor are tangible– it’s obvious when someone is stressed and on-edge. It takes a toll on their face in the form of baggy eyes and other symptoms. That’s why one of the best things you can do for your looks is to achieve a state of deep, lasting relaxation. Float therapy provides the perfect opportunity.

Getting the Most Out of Your Float Tank Session

When you and your friends arrive at the float spa, you’ll sign in before being directed to your own individual float tank. You’ll strip down, shower, and enter the tank which is filled with water that’s about the same temperature as your body. Once in there, all sound and lights will be removed, leaving you completely isolated as your mind drifts wherever it pleases. While float therapy isn’t a social act, talking about how amazing you feel afterward is, and it’ll be an experience that none of you will forget.

Are You and Your Boys Down for a Day of Health and Beauty?

Not everyone is willing to invest in their attractiveness, but for those who are, there are numerous fun and affordable ways to make it happen. Even for manly men who wouldn’t be caught dead in a beauty spa, there are things you can do to optimize your looks, and most importantly, have a blast while doing it.

A Manly Makeover - A Day of Treatments For You and Your Bros
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A Manly Makeover - A Day of Treatments For You and Your Bros
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