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A Guide to Helping Your Teen Struggling with Acne

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It isn’t easy being a teenager. It’s a time of transition as your child begins the transformation to adulthood. Emotions change from one extreme to the next. An inner tug of war is waged as your son or daughter tries to find a sense of direction in life. Peer pressure is a burden. Your teen wants nothing more than to fit in with others. Standing out isn’t an option unless it is on a teenager’s own terms. Having acne is dreaded by boys and girls alike. If your teen is struggling with blemishes and breakouts during these tumultuous years, you can take some steps to deal with it effectively.

Understanding Acne

Each case of acne is unique. It can vary from mild pimples to severe breakouts. The recommended course of action will be determined by the type of acne your teenager has, how frequent acne occurs, and how severe it is. Acne is typically caused by hormonal changes that occur during puberty. As hormone levels surge, sebum is produced at a higher level. This substance clogs hair follicles because it is oily. Inflammation and infections can complicate the situation, leading to large cysts. Scarring can result when severe acne is left untreated. You need to act quickly to spare your child from embarrassment and permanent marks on the skin.

Persistence Is Most Effective

Your teen will need to be consistent when it comes to treating acne, performing a regular routine. Applying products at night can be helpful, setting the stage for clearer skin. If one type of regimen isn’t effective, it’s best to try another. Medications can cause a reaction, dry out the skin, or increase oil production. You may need to consult with a doctor if your teen’s efforts aren’t working. In some cases, a physician may recommend an antibiotic to get acne under control.

Finding the Right Treatment

In order to treat acne breakouts, it’s necessary to understand the root cause of acne. If hormones are the culprit, hormonal therapies can reduce flare ups of acne. Avoiding use of makeup with a high oil content could also help your teen to steer clear of pesky pimples or blemishes. Heredity could also play a role. If your family has a history of struggling with acne, being proactive can help your child to ward off severe acne during the teen years. Knowing why your teen is experiencing bouts of acne can lead to optimal treatments. Mild cases of acne can be treated with topical products, such as benzoyl peroxide for acne. If one spot appears, it can be targeted immediately. Your teenager can also apply a variety of products to the skin on a daily basis to avoid breakouts before they can even begin. Trial and error can help your child to find the product that will have the best results, such as a gel or a cream.

More Extreme Measures May be Necessary for Acne that Doesn’t Respond to Treatment

In the most severe cases of acne, pus-filled cysts can leave noticeable scars that cover an extensive area of your teen’s face. You may need to turn to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for other options, including:

  • Laser therapy
  • PRP Injections
  • Microneedle treatments
  • Surgical excision

A combination approach may be the best way to conquer acne. Specialists can guide you in the right direction to help your teen. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if over-the-counter products have failed.

Healthy Habits Can Lead to Healthier Skin

There is nothing more attractive than the smooth, glowing skin of youth. Keeping the face clean can reduce acne outbreaks. Your teenager should use warm water first thing in the morning and before bed. Soap that is perfume-free and mild is the best option. If your child wears makeup, it should be removed every night. Micellar water is highly effective in cleansing the pores, preventing a build-up of oil. It won’t irritate your teen’s skin or dry it out the way alcohol-based products would. Protecting the skin from the sun is also important. Vigilance can ensure acne doesn’t get the best of your son or daughter during the roller coaster ride of the teen years.

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A Guide to Helping Your Teen Struggling with Acne
If your teen is struggling with blemishes and breakouts during these tumultuous years, you can take some steps to deal with it effectively.
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