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Breast Augmentation

A Closer Look at International Trends in Breast Augmentation

Standards of beauty change throughout history and differ based upon culture and region. From scarification in parts of tribal Africa to neck elongation in regions of Southeast Asia, a wide array of aesthetic regimens are honored and practiced worldwide. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but depending upon where you are, the standard of what’s considered attractive in breast augmentation definitely varies.

The Brazilian B

In Venezuela, large breasts are considered a valuable asset. Breast augmentation is so popular that the cosmetic procedure is often gifted to girls for their quinceañera, or fifteenth birthday. Meanwhile, in Brazil, where plastic surgery is big business, the procedures that are popular differ from their northern neighbors. In the country where the term “Brazilian butt lift” originated, ample derrieres are preferred over large breasts.

As standards of beauty vary from country to country, so do breast augmentation results. Brazilian women opting for implants typically choose smaller sizes than their American counterparts. Travel to Brazil and you’ll see for yourself where the term “Brazilian B” comes from: the streets of São Paulo filled with women flaunting modest bust sizes. Many young Brazilian women between the ages of 16 and 22 undergo breast reduction surgeries.

Asia and India

Cultural differences as well as physical size of an indigenous people may also influence trends in the popularity and size of breast impIants as we know it is a far less common procedure in India, China and Japan.

Sometimes Bigger is Better

In the United States, breast augmentation remains at the top of the list of popular cosmetic procedures, and while some women enjoy modest breast sizes inspired by Brazilian trends, others insist that bigger is better.

Breast implant size varies by region in the U.S., with the average in the 300-350 cc range. Whether bigger truly is better is a personal opinion, but breast enlargement certainly continues to be a celebrated standard in America.

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