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7 Homemade Remedies for a Pore-Free Face

Clear and glowing skin is everyone’s dream. It is said that happy people have glowing and clear skin, but that’s not always true. You might be the happiest you can be but still suffer from various skin issues. We realize how annoying it is to wake up and have a face filled with pimples and patches.

Open pores on the skin can cause a bulk of other problems. So it’s better to cure the main cause of all the problems and the rest will be cured itself.

What are Open Pores?

Open pores appear on oily or dehydrated skin. These pores on the skin expose it to various skin issues. They act as a magnet to dirt and dust. Open pores also make the skin look lifeless and dull instead of the glowing skin you really want. What’s left is skin with hundreds of little pores on it, which may even lead to pimples, blackheads, red patches and other issues. The causes of open pores include direct exposure to sunlight, excessive use of cosmetics, lack of fluids or water, or aging.

Thankfully, some simple home remedies can help you achieve a pore-free complexion.

Home Remedies

Honey or Sugar

Sweet and effective, this remedy can do wonders for your skin. Honey or sugar can hydrate your skin by fighting against the open pores and cleaning them thoroughly. It also makes the pores heal and skin around it to tighten. You can also use sugar as a DIY scrub to gently scrub it around the skin which has the maximum amount of pores. You will see the improvement visibly when done on a regular basis.

Rice Flour

You know the idea of killing two birds with one stone. This remedy works exactly like that single stone. It not only helps in healing the pores by tightening the skin but also adds glow and shimmer to the skin. This remedy is the most effective with curd or honey. Trust us, your skin will thank you after using it.


Tomatoes not only add taste to food but also life to our skin. They have vitamin C in them which is extremely good for skin toning and hydration. All you have to do is scrub some tomato peels on your face and let it dry for some time, wash it off with cold water and see the magic.

Gram Flour and Rosewater

This is an ideal home mask to get clear and pore-free skin with just 3 ingredients – gram (chickpea) flourgram (chickpea) flour, rosewater and curd. Gram flour will help in cleaning the open pores whereas rosewater will help in hydrating it and will leave it fresh and breathable. This pack, if used twice a week, can show visible effects pretty soon.


Fresh bananas are believed to leave your skin fresher and better. The banana contains Vitamin B, which is necessary for skin hydration and toning. It also treats any discolored patches on the skin and reduces pigmentation. It tightens the skin and heals the pores effectively.


Cucumber is a wonder ingredient when it comes to pores on the skin. Cucumbers are actually 99% water. They contain just the right and healthy dose of water that your skin needs to glow and heal, while tightening the skin and hydrating it to the core.

Ice Rub

The easiest of all remedies and is equally effective. Ice rub on the skin can make it tight and clean the pores inside out, it helps in shrinking the existing pores and restraints the new ones from emerging.

The Bottom Line

These simple home remedies are now clear and all set to be tried by you. Your skin needs equal attention as any other part of the body and neglecting its needs can lead to further bigger problems. Remember to regularly moisturize your skin and to drink a lot of water to avoid any such situation.

7 Homemade Remedies for a Pore-Free Face
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7 Homemade Remedies for a Pore-Free Face
Are you fed up of having open pores on your skin which leads to pimples and patches? This article lets you know how to get rid of those pores on your skin.
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