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6 Tips for before, during & after CoolSculpting® Treatments

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Having trouble getting those bothersome love handles to go away? How about stubborn belly fat that’s really putting a damper on your hard work at the gym? If this sounds like you, a nonsurgical fat-freezing treatment called CoolSculpting® could be the solution you’ve been hoping for.

Before you jump right in to your first appointment, here’s what to do before, during and after CoolSculpting to see the best outcome.

1. Make Sure You’re a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting

Men and women who are having trouble working off stubborn “pinchable” fat can be excellent candidates for CoolSculpting. That said, this treatment isn’t intended for weight loss, so don’t expect to drop serious numbers on the scale. Body contouring treatments, whether surgical or not, aren’t directed at getting rid of what’s called visceral fat around your organs.

What you should notice after CoolSculpting, though, is that your clothes fit better and your physique looks slimmer and more toned.

2. Find out How Many Treatments You’ll Need

Many people are thrilled with their results after just 1 CoolSculpting session, but others see the best results after 2 treatments. During your consultation, ask about how many treatment sessions you might need to achieve the outcome you’re looking for, then plan your first appointment accordingly. If you do get multiple sessions, they are typically spaced every 2 months or so apart.

You could see CoolSculpting results as early as 3 weeks after your appointment, with full results developing after about 3months.

3. Pick a Qualified Provider

CoolSculpting is a relatively quick and easy nonsurgical body contouring treatment, but it still needs to be administered by a skilled and experienced provider. Medical complications and subpar results can occur if your provider isn’t qualified to operate the CoolSculpting machine.

If you want to cut your treatment time in half, look for a CoolSculpting specialist who offers DualSculpting®, meaning they use 2 CoolSculpting devices at the same time. For example, DualSculpting can treat your right and left love handle at the same time, rather than spending a half hour on each side.

4. Bring Some Entertainment

Most people feel comfortable enough during their CoolSculpting treatment to read a book, check their email, or catch up on their favorite Netflix show. Bring some entertainment for during your treatment, since it usually takes about 30 minutes per treated area.

There’s no real downtime expected after CoolSculpting, but you might want to take it easy for the next 24 hours, since you may be swollen and tender at first.

5. Take Progress Pictures

After CoolSculpting, changes to your physique will happen gradually over the next 3 months or more, so taking pictures along the way can help you to monitor your progress. Taking pictures can also help you to stay patient and focused on your end results, since it’ll take some time for them to fully develop.

6. Keep up with Your Workout Routine

CoolSculpting and exercise go hand in hand. You can expect to enjoy your slimmer, better-contoured body shape for years to come after getting CoolSculpting, provided you stick to a great exercise routine and you eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Even though the targeted fat cells are frozen and eliminated for good after CoolSculpting, your body can still store new fat in existing cells if you let your lifestyle habits slip. Pair CoolSculpting with an active, healthy lifestyle for beautiful long-lasting results.


6 Tips for before, during & after CoolSculpting® Treatments
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6 Tips for before, during & after CoolSculpting® Treatments
Have questions about what to do before, during and after CoolSculpting? Experienced CoolSculpting provider Dr. Martin Everhard of Savannah has helpful tips.
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