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6 Statistics on Crooked Teeth

Crooked Teeth

Have you ever considered changing something about your smile? It’s easy to overlook a detail like crooked teeth and dismiss it as not a major issue, but the fact is, it might be influencing more aspects of your life than you realize.

While ideally people would be judged purely on their character and actions, it’s a stark reality that our smile, appearance, and first impressions matter a lot. They can influence our career, social life, and dating prospects. So it’s no wonder that straightening crooked teeth is a growing cosmetic dentistry trend, right alongside tooth whitening and other cosmetic enhancements to get a picture-perfect smile.

The Value of Reading Statistics

Statistics offer insight that you can’t get anywhere else. For example, the statistic that 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth speaks volumes about the oral hygiene of our citizens, and begs the question of why so many people lose their teeth.

Statistics can highlight problems, show you which options are most popular, and even shed light on their success rates and failures. Ultimately, these stats will be useful in helping you make your decision about which procedures may be right for you.

Six Statistics on Crooked Teeth and What They Mean to You

From the number of Americans who aren’t pleased with their smiles to the perception that certain dental problems leave on people, these statistics will shed light on the state of how many people need cosmetic dentistry, in addition to specific procedures that are available.

  1. Of Americans aged 18-24, 48% have untagged a photo because they hated their smile.

Almost everyone is on Facebook these days, and if you’ve had photos taken at a group get-together, you may have seen how every person can be tagged so the photo is seen in their timeline as well. This stat shows that almost half of young adults have felt so self-conscious about their smiles, they’ve attempted to conceal a photo they’re in because of it.

  1. 78% of Americans believe that someone with crooked teeth is less successful.

It’s not just young people who are concerned about their smiles. Since 78% of American adults assume someone with crooked teeth is less successful, it could affect your chances on dates, job interviews, social situations, and a lot more. A crooked smile affects people of all ages, and it’s never too late to fix the problem.

  1. Among women, 77% prefer a receding hairline to crooked teeth

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest motivators for upgrading your appearance is to improve your dating life and prospects. This statistic further highlights the importance of a well-aligned smile by stating that over three-quarters of all women would rather date a guy with a receding hairline than crooked teeth. Everyone has their preferences in an ideal mate, and for most women, those preferences include straight teeth.

  1. Over the last 5 years, cosmetic dentistry has grown 2.5% to reach $4 Billion in 2018.

Not only has cosmetic dentistry as a whole become more popular than ever, but it’s growing significantly every single year. This shows that an increasing number of people are putting themselves first, and getting the dental treatments they need to live their best possible lives.

  1. Braces aren’t just for kids – 20% of those who wear braces or clear braces are adults.

When most people think of braces, they think of kids and teens with colorful bands and brackets on their teeth. However, it’s worth noting that this stereotype is rapidly changing, and one-fifth of all people who currently wear braces are actually adults. If you don’t mind the change in appearance for a year or two, then you can live the rest of your life with straightened teeth, so orthodontic treatments are worth considering no matter how old you are.

  1. Invisalign has a 96% satisfaction rate and treats 2.5 million people in 45 countries.

Allowing patients to realign their teeth without metal brackets and wires, and avoiding the social embarrassment that comes with metal braces, Invisalign has changed orthodontics in a major way. Although it’s mainly for those with issues in the front section of their teeth, Invisalign is far more than a fad, and boasts a near-perfect satisfaction rate among its patients. To learn more, contact a qualified Invisalign provider like Dr. Terrance Wobaum in Aurora, CO.

Is Investing in Braces Worth Fixing Your Smile?

Whether you choose traditional braces or a variation of clear braces, fixing your teeth is an investment that will cost you a few thousand dollars. It’s a deeply personal decision whether to use your hard-earned money to fix your smile, but considering the difference it makes in all aspects of your life, it’s truly an investment in your own happiness.

6 Statistics on Crooked Teeth
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6 Statistics on Crooked Teeth
These six statistics on crooked teeth will help us realize which treatments are most popular and other crucial facts. Peruse these stats for an informed decision.
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