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6 Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Stretch Mark Removal

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Years ago, it used to be common knowledge that there was no viable treatment available to minimize the look of dark red and purple stretch marks. Today, that’s no longer the case. While the darkness of your stretch marks may fade over time, laser stretch mark removal is a non-invasive treatment option that may give you a reduction in their appearance and help you feel better about the way you look.

Does Laser Stretch Mark Removal Even Work?

Laser skin resurfacing technologies can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and smooth the skin’s surface. Laser stretch mark removal works by removing the outer layer of skin to encourage the growth of new skin. The actual success of the procedure may depend on the individual and their skin’s response to the treatment.

What Happens During a Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatment?

Resurfacing the layers of your skin may help to minimize the appearance of deep red or purple stretch marks.

During the treatment, either ablative or non-ablative laser energy penetrates your skin to encourage collagen production, which may result in smoother, refreshed looking skin after healing. The primary difference between them is that non-ablative lasers travel deeper into and heat the underlying skin tissues without harming surface layers. While both are used to stimulate the growth of collagen, ablative laser treatment is more intense as it removes the top layer of skin.

What are My Stretch Mark Removal Treatment Options?

When it comes to reducing the appearance of and removing stretch marks at our office, there are two different technology options. One option is the eMatrix, which is a non-laser fractional bipolar radiofrequency technology that requires less downtime than fractional ablative procedures. Another option is PicoWay® Resolve, which is a non-surgical laser skin rejuvenation treatment that uses short bursts of laser energy to treat the skin. Both treatments may help your skin look smooth and refreshed.

What Should I Expect after the Laser Treatment?

It’s possible that you may experience some redness or discomfort on the area(s) of your body that have been treated by the laser immediately following the procedure. Despite this, most people are typically able to resume their regular activities either the same day or, depending on how aggressive the treatment was, the next few days. The appearance and overall texture of your skin tone should continue to improve over the 6 weeks following your laser stretch mark removal treatment.

When Will I Be Able to See My Results?

The number of treatments it may take to see results from your laser stretch mark removal treatment will depend on a few specific factors. Everyone’s bodies are different so some may see results after their first session while it may take a few sessions in order to see a noticeable difference. We estimate that most people we see in our office typically require about 3 treatment sessions to get the best results possible.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Laser Stretch Mark Removal?

Anyone with stretch marks, whether they are a man or woman, may be a potential candidate for laser skin resurfacing treatments. Everyone’s individual results may vary, so some people may be better candidates for laser stretch mark removal than others. Even though laser technology is quite advanced and highly effective, the success of the procedure may depend on how visible they are and how long you’ve had them since newer stretch marks are typically easier to minimize than older ones.

It’s common to need answers before deciding whether or not you’re ready to take the next step in reducing the look of your stretch marks. That’s why it’s so important to have a consultation with a board-certified technician who can help put your mind at ease. Be sure to ask lots of questions or, better yet, bring them with you to your appointment. Take the time to explain what your concerns are, if any, and find out if laser stretch mark removal is the right choice for you.


6 Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Stretch Mark Removal
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6 Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Stretch Mark Removal
Caroll Delo, a board-certified laser technician at Simply Smooth Laser Center in Tampa, answers popular questions about laser stretch mark removal.
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