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6 Effective Alternatives to Eyelid Surgery

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We live in the age when treating yourself to some cosmetic enhancement isn’t a big deal anymore, and that’s great. In certain societies, there’s still a stigma around such cosmetic procedures, and breaking them is important since every individual should feel free to do whatever they want with their body.

But, in some cases, the actual cosmetic surgery should be the last resort not the first. This is especially important when it comes to the eyes and the surrounding area. Eyes are sensitive and doing anything drastic might actually leave a person unable to work and perform other day-to-day tasks. Therefore, if you feel unhappy with your eyelids due to aging or other reasons, and surgery feels like a step too far, here are some effective non-surgical alternatives that you might consider.

1. Eyelid correcting strips

These are perfect if you want a quick and temporary fix. Eyelid correcting strips, made from a renowned German manufacturer are also hypoallergenic and medical-grade, which means they’re safe to use. They also give your eyes more definition by supporting the excess skin on your eyelids. Plus, they’re an amazing alternative to any surgical procedure, since they’re easy to apply, so that means they can be used for one time off events that require you to look your best.

2. BOTOX injections

BOTOX (or botulinum toxin) has cemented its place in pop culture, so it’s no surprise that it can be used to treat droopy eyelids too. However, when opting for this line of treatment, it’s essential to choose a reputable esthetician, so feel free to search for recommendations or read the reviews before making an appointment. The BOTOX results are quick, however, this solution is also on a temporary spectrum, so if you decide on these injections, expect to get a touch up 4-6 months from the initial treatment.

3. Non-surgical eyelid lift

The area around the eyes often shows the first with signs of aging. Wrinkles around eyes (crow’s feet), dark circles, and of course, saggy eyelids are only some aging signs that are visible there. Saggy eyelids aren’t harmful, but they can surely make the person look much older and more exhausted, which isn’t a pretty look. That’s why opting for a non surgical eyelid lift procedure is a great idea: the RF method is comfortable, quick, and doesn’t require anesthesia. This is really important if you don’t have too much time to recuperate and deal with side effects, so if you’re thinking about a procedure, then this type of treatment is definitely worth your consideration.

4. Laser therapy

Laser-based technology has been dominating medical and cosmetic fields for ages, therefore it’s not surprising that it can also take care of droopy eyelids. The laser treatment uses ablative lasers to treat wrinkles and thus, remove upper layers of skin, so new skin could grow back. The other name for this type of procedure is laser skin resurfacing, and the only downside of it is a long downtime period: if you opt for this, you may expect peeling and redness for up to 10 days. The main point is anything you do, you should be informed, so you’ll be able to enjoy the maximum benefits out of any procedure.

5. Dermal fillers

Aside from Botox, there are other types of injectables that do the work. They’re called dermal fillers, and they’re used for filling wrinkles, which as a result, makes the skin look plumper and fresh. Juvederm is the most popular brand of such fillers, and it’s a great alternative to BOTOX. Also, injecting dermal fillers is a quick process that is done within minutes. There is no downtime, even though some side effects such as redness may be experienced. Also, this type of treatment requires additional injections in the future, so it’s important to prepare for that.

6. PRP treatment

Platelet-rich plasma treatment is a cosmetic injection that can create a more youthful appearance by rejuvenating the skin tissues. The main difference between this one and other treatments such as dermal fillers is that PRP uses your own blood, mainly its component called plasma that contains proteins and promotes cell growth. If this treatment seems appealing, then feel free to do it, just be sure to consult your ophthalmologist for some clarification and extra tips.


Saggy eyelids can be a source of frustration, especially if you do a job that requires you to maintain an energetic appearance. But, before you decide on any surgical or non-surgical treatment, make sure to check whether you’re the right candidate for this type of procedure. Finally, remember that any type of cosmetic enhancement is the right step, however, it’s also important to be smart and prepared before you decide to do it.

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6 Effective Alternatives to Eyelid Surgery
If you feel unhappy with your eyelids and surgery feels like a step too far, here are some effective non-surgical alternatives that you might consider.
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