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5 Ways Laser Treatments Can Improve Your Complexion

Laser Treatments

As time goes by, your skin gets bombarded with various factors that cause it to lose its youthful complexion and tone. These factors include the natural aging process, acne, exposure to the elements like sun and strong winds, exposure to chemicals in the air like car exhaust fumes and more.

All these factors cause your skin to age prematurely, along with noticing other issues like excessive dryness, rough texture, poor skin tone or blemishes. Laser treatments can help minimize these effects and restore your skin’s appearance, improving your complexion in 5 different ways.

  1. Skin Resurfacing

    Laser treatments are perhaps best known in connection with laser skin resurfacing. Resurfacing treatments work by removing damaged skin cells in a very targeted manner, layer by layer, to reveal the unblemished skin cells that lie beneath.

       Laser skin resurfacing can address a variety of concerns at once, including improving skin tone and texture as well as correcting pigmentation issues.

  2. Pigment Spot Removal

    Pigmented spots, like freckles or age spots, are areas on your skin caused by a concentration of melanocytes in that area. Laser treatments can even out your complexion in these areas by targeting and destroying these pigment-producing cells. After the body has naturally filtered out these dead cells, the treated skin gains a new and fairer complexion as new normal cells replace the dead melanocytes.

  3. Skin Tightening

    Due to aging and several other factors, your skin can lose its tightness and develop fine lines and wrinkles or take on a lax appearance overall. Laser skin tightening can be a great non-invasive treatment option to address these issues. Your certified laser technician can directly target areas of concern, heating up the collagen cells under the skin and causing the skin to contract. As laser energy stimulates increased collagen production, your skin takes on a smoother, firmer, more vibrant appearance.

  4. Visible Capillary Removal

    Just like a much smaller version of varicose veins, sometimes blood vessels may become visible on the surface of your face. When focused on the areas with the visible vessels, laser vein treatments penetrate the skin and causes these vessels to disintegrate, leaving your skin looking clear and youthful. It’s important to note that this does not affect the blood supply to your skin, but only improves cosmetic appearance.

  5. Acne Scar Treatment

    Laser treatments have been shown to effectively treat shallow acne scars, especially in cases where other acne treatments were previously used to reduce the aggressiveness of the condition. Working through the same action of laser skin resurfacing, the procedure gently removes layer after layer of scar tissue to reveal the unscarred skin beneath. After a series of treatment sessions, your overall complexion should show significant improvement. While laser treatments work well for shallow scars from old acne breakouts, those with active breakouts are not good candidates for the procedure.

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